Wintertide Season - Legendary Warrior and Mythic Hunter Preview




You’re right - dragon cost, yes, is the same


Everything else, is a big difference.


@Dakhunter - my friend would love you with your spreadsheets :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
He is a spreadsheet addict :woman_facepalming:t2::joy:


@pgjared any chance any of what we’re saying is gonna make a difference?
Would it help to know who’s just complaining and who actually has vested interest in this dragon?



Prob not :woman_shrugging:t2:


Could the warriors runes make a difference… reducing rage cost for the .5sec shield :thinking:


Look at the blog post!

The video demonstration at the bottom (very nice addition btw)
Tidal surge looks to be a WHITE spell…so maybe not as bad as we thought :man_shrugging:t4:
Gladicus still looks bad :joy:


@Recramorcen for a dragon already released/announced that didn’t get nerfed after the fact? I think the likelihood anything anyone posts here makes any difference at all is about the same as PG intentionally making a good to great dragon. :joy::joy::joy:

They can make crappy dragons. They can make over powered dragons. The near total absence of solid performers who are not ROCKSTARS makes me think those few good dragons were as much a surprise to them as they were to us.


@PGCrisis @Arelyna another PG error about Tidal Surge‘s spell color?
It‘s white in the video but the Blog Post says it‘s red!


And its dissipate is only one rage too…


Well to say at least my thoughts trying to find something positive.

The fire power of expert Nep will be insane bc he gets the permanent buff of his passive spell and will get next tier’s Stone so he will likely have double the fire power of Mafic however lv 65 towers will knock on the door and this dragon can’t heal quickly enough.

My understanding is that his attack heal spell won’t one shot a tower maybe at expert level.

Thus, stealing him rage and let him eat lightning strikes and flak super shots will annihilate this dragon on any well built base which is high enough to do serious damage with defenders.

It will be a collectors item but it will be irrelevant when the new tier lineage hunters come out with the same attack power.

Don’t forget that all mythic dragons who got the next tier’s stone were only mythic within the current tier (obsidian) but only legendaries for next tier.

Example: Phasmos (garnet legendary) Algor (emerald legendary), Merkt (obsidian legendary).


Neptus isn’t guaranteed to get the next tier’s stone


I’d rage if they wouldn’t give us the next tier next week. Also they’d break the pattern. We are already one month behind the intended release. Since sapphire tier we got a new tier every 4 month. Next tier was due on December 20th.

Many I know have NOTHING to breed for 3 breeding events.

So giving Nep the next tier’s stone guarantees the release of it.

If he’d only have the obsidian stone expect a shitstorm which won’t end from ppl who finance this game


Yes I’ve seen and heard the discussion on what the players think about the next tier, but PG has made no promises as to its release being “soon” and the mythic is currently not planned to exceed Obsidian. This could change, but don’t bank on it.


I don’t want to say you’re wrong but this would be HIGHLY UNLIKELY.

At least I hope you’re wrong especially re the new tier lol


I think the Mythic will have the next tier stone. Whether that tier is more of the same only stronger or something different remains to be seen.


PG Coffee did mention there being 1 more white spell in the remaining dragons. So much for that PG! Well never trust PG​:joy::joy:


Is there like a Half price on the Warrior and Super Sigils chest? That is probably the best way left for newer players to continue or at least have a divine drag. Pls have a half price and a super sigils chest on the period of release for the drags PG


Looks worse than Abraxxas :see_no_evil: