Wintertide Season - Legendary Warrior and Mythic Hunter Preview


I hope they don’t release a new tier for breeding :upside_down_face:


Super sigil chests are usually at the end of the season, not the second third of it, and we never saw a “main” Divine get a Discount. Leos was discounted but not anymore. Maybe wait for the next Rider or focus on the line you eventually began.

Best of luck.


New tier will be released exclusive in Atlas for the World War :sweat_smile:


Last season Anuba was a discounted too hais I wish it was that way but dont start with red stones instead green hahahahah oh well looks like equestor and avyx is the best out of all the other Dragons … :frowning:


@PGCrisis 200 messages saying the same thing on Neptus, is this raising an eyebrow to the issue.


Anuba was another bonus Dragon, not a main Dragon (used to unlock the last premium Dragon). In this case Gladicus is a main Dragon to unlock the premium Neptus. Very little chance that he is discounted (less than 1% chance).


Neptus isnt going to be given a evolvtion stone for next tier. There is no option for it in the branch? So this drag will be a waste of money in a week


Thanks for the vote of confidence, @MareZ :+1:


Hit @MareZ base on the livestream @Arelyna, we deserve to see his comeuppance as our entertainment on the forums :grinning:


Your last graph doesnt seem right. Look at the side label and tell me it doesn’t say billion… im pretty sure you added 3 more 0s to Chimeraks power… that graph shows the wrong data


I might have sounded a bit harsh, but that‘s what you make us feel when falsly advertising a product inna video and then change skill colors and rage costs in the announcement/in game.

Anyways, you guys fixed the mistake and fixed the skills so I‘d like to apologize and say thanks for listening to your players.

We can be tempered, hot headed and angry sometimes but we keep sharing our feedback because we care :wink:


Maybe not in a week but at the end of the season… @Arelyna is there a way to bring this up to the team? Why is there not an evo stone for the next tier?


It is conjecture, since I cannot know that skarr would have continued on the same curve. Even Skarr did not have a “consistent” curve So, I think the other pictures are more accurate of “what might have been.”

For the final graph, I took the average of Skarr’s increase as a percentage level over level, and then applied it consistently. I did the same for the others on that graph (where I had to project to levels they cannot attain). The percentage I used it at the bottom of the second picture. You can also see how a small percentage difference adds up over time–Zam really is more powerful.

Since Skarr was projected out greatest number of levels and also had a higher percentage increase (which was okay, since he stopped much earlier), he ends up being insanely powerful.

So, yeah, it looks crazy, but it’s “right” given the assumptions.


Here is that same graph (each following his own curve for the projected levels rather than Leos’s curve). I have removed Skarr so you can see the others (and this is all conjecture–I still think the tables are closer to what we might have seen had obsidian been available from the beginning):

So, Tarand, Sage, and Chimerak all follow a very similar curve. Leos is noticeably weaker, and Zamrok is noticeably stronger.These numbers are based on attack power and do not consider the value of spell sets.

Leos lvling doesnt sync with all other dragons

How did you find the % increase for each level? I couldn’t find a way to do an entire row at a time so i had to type in each on individually. Im still a noob and Excel even tho i like to be on it looking at wd stats.