Wintertide Season - Legendary Warrior and Mythic Hunter Preview


When I go to the Kayla tab in season by example, I see her completed page, but we don’t have a “saved point” that direct us to the second page if we began to claim those rewards in second page. It’s just an annoying detail, it’s just one tap, but I thought it was useful to let the team know it was not perfect.


I find it somewhat appealing that every second article has a new word to learn…

Patience is a virtue, an extremely rare trait nowadays. I can only rephrase myself:

“Even the instant noodles need 5 minutes to be ready.”


there is already a info going around about the spells :roll_eyes::grin:


Where can this be found?


There’s a photo was made by a disgruntled cheater/hacker of the spell files for neptus that’s going around on line chat groups. Could be real, could be fake, but the info is definitely dirty.


If its real what a disappointment. But i dont count my chickens until they are hatched


Can you post them or PM me?


well i just heard a bit about some umbrela spike attack but not sure about the information, thats why i would like that they offer it at these topics.

I didnt saw at blog , or twitch or facebook, thats why i hope they talk about earlier :x


Ikr. Gangbang kid of icicle Kerbos and xenot


Yeah. I dont believe anything until its posted from a trusted source. Hence the whole yellow mage thing that went around so we will see. Only thing is we can hope to not be disappointed


When you go to the season tab click on the spells at the bottom of the dragon picture and it will bring up the info box.

Edit: I just realised you said at each stage of their evolution, sorry.


No problem :grin:

(even with a quote there’s a need for 10 characters so writing Np is not enough :expressionless:)


I’m curious what these spells going around Line are…


??? What do u mean?




Passive: similar to shatter shard (icicle, morphos)
Damage spell which heals (similar to umbral spike)
Short cloak with damage (similar to xenots dissipate spell)

If this holds true be sure that NO GOOD FLIER will buy this dragon

Best sellers spells sets are

Cloak, vine, healing mark, flak resist

Time shift, white death gaze, flak resist, consume

One or the other I’ll yell

Winter 2017 Season - Tempest Collection Spells Preview

Time Shift, Vines, Healing Mark, Dark Flak Resist :exploding_head:


@Warlord, yeah, those would all be fab spellsets.

@xIcicleSparkx, I know all the spells already, but I was curious what was being shared on LINE. (I don’t use it other than I think I used it once to connect with the Tsum Tsum game.)


Can u tell us the spells? Why not?


I posted what was shared in line. If that is the case brace yourself for the shitstorm :rofl:


I think it’ll be more of a “meh, not this season”.