Wintertide Season - Legendary Warrior and Mythic Hunter Preview


If you know… why always waiting at the last minuts to annonce them… you push their release back a week later, forcing us to shit 1 more event since we cannot use our sigils and we miss on prices…! If only you would have told us the spellset of the new dragvlast week like it was suposed to, we would have at least been able to use our sigils this week on another dragon if the warrior not worth it…!


how is “not using sigils” make you miss prices?
No one forcing you not to use any sigils.

Anyways I am curious about mythic hunter.

In my opinion it is pretty hard designing a spell set that makes us happy.
On the one hand Dragon should better then then Noctua or Necryx… why else would anyone need it?
On the other hand the game really doesn´t need another OP Dragon killing a maxed based with 2 defenders solo.

I personally pushed hard to get Morphos when I was still around Plat/Sap Tier. I was so proud… but it actually never turned out to be super useful cause either new Dragons came out or new Dragon Tiers came out or it simply is weaker/capped on the same Level then lineage Dragons. What I am trying to say: anyone thinking “well I am not that high yet but Ill go for the mythic hunter because in some months Ill be Emerald or Obsidian Tier” I can only recommend: Don´t do it! By the time you reach it, dragon became obsolete…

That leads to the point of seeing till what tier that dragon will go: if it is “only” Obsidian I´d assume this is the last mythic Dragon going till Obsidian since next season most likely new Dragon Tier will be announced (or released).

I guess I have to wait till it´s announced and see from there: Patience is the key.


I can‘t believe the Mythic will only have the Obsidian stone - and I can‘t believe it will be next season when the new tier comes out (actually I hope it won‘t take that long!) If it has only Obsidian, nobody will buy it.


Also if the spells are as it was leaked by a hacker nobody will pay 2-3k for a Xenot/Icicle Reloaded


Very true. Hell they will do me a favor by helping me keep my money in my pocket


Every season, the legendary lines of divines have their own runes. However, the mythic final divines seem to never get its own rune. As a much harder to get dragon, can we have some runes and glyphs made for their spells? And some rune dust to level them up maybe? I’m pretty sure all will be glad to get them with some sigils. Please consider.


yeah same thought… if new divine has “similar” spells then the mentioned Dragons no runes will boost him and thus stay a very weak penguin (couldn´t think of anything else that has watertheme in it and can fly).


@Arelyna you didn’t confirm or deny the spell sets being shared on line. Is this because it is true?


That would be a very disappointing spell set.


She can neither confirm nor deny that.


I can see how she couldn’t confirm, but deny? I look at not denying as confirming but I guess we will find out tomorrow.


Tomorrow? :tired_face:


One thing is for sure: Dissipate is complete shit its AoE damage unvines/unsands all towers.
If you want to make sure that noone will buy the mythic then put a spell like Dissipate on it :man_shrugging:t3:

Now PG atleast can‘t say they haven‘t been warned :roll_eyes:


I just went in the blog and watch all of the spells mentioned in the leak and they don’t seem bad. I’ve never used those spell sets but it seems interesting. Now please don’t murder me for saying that



10 characters :stuck_out_tongue:


Second mare second mare second mare.

20+ characters!


Blog link? And any spell that slows a Dragons progress and explodes at the end is terrible terrible terrible for following attacks bc of the unsanding of vined and sanded towers.


Yeah but it’s wicked awesome for training/invader!! :rofl:


Shatter Shard Looks cool and umbrella spike. The Cloak that deals damage. On paper and video it looks fun but again I haven’t flown the dragon. I am only a level 120 so I haven’t gotten to a point where I need to really calculate wars. i can basically clear alone MOST times. Again, this is the problem. Because I have no experience in higher level wars I can not create a dragon spell set that would work for higher levels. I still think they look cool


Looks vs High level players experience?
See how PGCrisis attacked with Leos, Avyx and Equestor in their twitch stream :rofl::rofl::rofl: