Wintertide Season - Legendary Warrior and Mythic Hunter Preview


I know it was sad. I felt like I had tourettes syndrome. It was painful to watch. Have you seen @OdinsNemesis Anniversary YouTube stream? I was dying laughing, literally crying from laughing when he was impersonating them. I know it was in good fun and pure truth.



Passive: similar to shatter shard (icicle, morphos)
Damage spell which heals (similar to umbral spike)
Short cloak with damage (similar to xenots dissipate spell)

The above was what I was looking at, the comparative.


Or PG could make a rune that makes disapate damage not affect sanded towers​:joy: imagine all the glitches :joy::joy:.


He sounded so serious!! It was so funny! “You swipe with hunters but then it doesn’t work :dizzy_face:. :rofl::rofl:


A hunter with Mystik winds, Vines, Elemental Shield and Canon resist is what I call OP and I’d be all over him. But hey… PG will never put something like this on the market.


PG has said this season’s dragons were designed to make them more universally accessible, particularly for players at lower levels.

So think of some spells that sub-100 players are into and that should help narrow it down…

Now, who wants to take bets on the mythic having lockdown?


So the warrior will have, being true to the times of gladiators, stoneskin shield, battle cry, trebuchet and ballista resists (maybe archer too). Can’t wait :rofl:


3 resists my god man thats crazy talk /s


If we’re gonna go full on gladiator, we need a tough dragon with lots of HP that can brawl through a difficult base. I like Stoneskin, but maybe Berserk over battle cry (or a new white spell that combines them). Then elemental resist (not shield… Passive resist that gets stronger as you level). And then something that packs a huge wallop but that you can use just once per battle… That or like a “blood sacrifice” that is a constant drain on HP but a huge increase in rage. Stays active until you turn it off. Can activate only once per battle.

But that ain’t gonna happen. Lol.


I was very much tongue in cheek with that post as stoneskin battle cry and treb/ballista resist are all god awful spells




I know. That’s why I left in that terrible shield but then tried to throw in stuff that doesn’t exist. Lol

I was just having fun!


My bad this World War nonsense has my head all messed up I should have understood as soon as I read stoneskin


I’d like to see the warrior with evasion, elemental mayhem, cure poison and ballista resist.

Then I won’t feel bad for not getting him.


It clearly says he’s an impenetrable fortess. So just give him dark flak resist, ice turret resist, canon resist and fire turret resist. That way it can just laugh as it flies past mage towers. Spells are a crutch anyway [/sarcasm]


Honestly thinking what that would be like a warrior with 1 passive attack boost and the rest resists. it would be an interesting take on the warrior dynamic.


Wouldnt kill a thing ; kinda pointless


if he had enough strength that would be quite the interesting dragon, you don’t necessarily need spells to destroy (look at zamrok for instance, no offensive spell besides super heated breath).


Would be freaking boring to play!


How good is Zamrok which doesn’t have mystic winds?
It can never make it past mid Long Island with 3 passive resists and a passive attack boost! Correct me if I am wrong but From my understanding superheated breath is active attack boost.