Wintertide Season - Legendary Warrior and Mythic Hunter Preview


it is, however blackfire5566 suggested resist to ice, fire turret as well as cannons and dark flak. with those resists you wouldn’t need mystic wind


Wrong… resists don’t work towards super shots.

While ice wouldn’t be a problem flaks are the #1 towers you’d super shot maybe fire too


There is no point of a resist then… in war you either win or get rape for resisting/dodging those supershot…!


Come on! It’s time!!! Lets show us the spellllllllssssss :slight_smile:


what i hope for the warrior, while warriors are weaker compared to others because of there attack type,… that …
1 white spell with 1 great passive will appear ( just a hope and wish ) :see_no_evil:

With a 2nd spell and a resist… lets see if my wishes come true… even if its not really realistic…
but these are still mythics , arent they ! ^^


How about

Sacrifice, Spell flux, and … Heat Shield? That sounds like a decent warrior

(slow clap)


Thats sound like Skarr, but its not bad even if there arent similar spells ! ^^

Like many different blast spells.


Hate sacrifice haha…! I wish something like Invert (can bounce mage supershot), northern light dark or Elemental barrier, a nice attack spell to get rid of farms and dark flak resist…! Coupd also be something better :slight_smile:


didn’t know that supershots ignore resistance, then indeed it wouldn’t be enough. pity


A new passive worth a warrior would be great…
Like when the dragon get drained of by one magic tower, it increase its attack by 100% for 5 seconds, for each destroyed tower 15% health and rage back during that time. … Would show a glory of a warrior

That would be a real situation for a great warrior, like "you think you got me, i am even harder and more on fire " :slight_smile:
At least the weapon of a warrior need to be in focus somehow…

A white spell like “first clash” , where the warrior wont get hurt for some seconds , and can strike down as spellflux one weapon.

At least we miss warriors very long, while Amarok was for the situation a true warrior, before fire ice turrets was… last warriors seems not bad designed, but lack at power of offensive really…


Or some extract essence for resist… like the first tower you hit give you resist to that tower, then it cost like 1 rage to abandon that resist! Would be cool!


Yea thats really the other way of extract essence, and sounds good too :slight_smile:
These are passives more like for a warrior, which have normally close combat.


How about white chain lightning? With warrior high health, I guess warrior will become OP.

Other thought
Health and damage go hand by hand. For example, warrior left with 7% health will do 93% additional damage as passive resist. X% health will initiate 100-X % additional damage. Also Add 1 rage vampiric touch and dark flak & Ice resist.


We already have equestor with chain lightning in this season. I doubt it but maybe in the future.


That passive would kinda be bad…you better with a super heated breath that give you 70% increase dmg at will instead…! Or maybe your passive could be cool if it was double, i mean 50% hp = 100% boost, 1% hp = 198% boost! With the option to click on the passive skill to instantly drop HP to 1% so if there is only the farm left, you can use that to finish them off :slight_smile:


How about at least elemental barrier? Along with sand and cloak this barrier spell made necryx one of the best hunter which game ever seen.

Heated Breadth + Elemental barrier + Sacrifice + Passive resist like Leos


Really no need of sacrifice with those 2 spells…! A resist or invert or anything else would be perfect


Invert and elemental barrier together wont be… thats too op.

But a white invert which can deflect both mages could be nice. As i said above, something against mages, what put the warrior in a different light.

A passive which convert a mage attack into something else , but lets see.


Warriors don’t die in vain.
Let’s have Super Self-destruct for warriors: white spell, 1rage, and a huge blast radius. Upon detonation, it deals damage = 100% warriors current HP. Building survived blast will be "frozen " like tectonic bomb.

What do you all think about this? A counter to rage island.


I mean he dies tho so…