Wintertide Season - Legendary Warrior and Mythic Hunter Preview


Selfdestruct is kinda worst spell ever xd lol!


I forgot to mention the Self-destruction should bypass storm tower super shot.
So warriors will not die in vain.


You’re going to kill your dragon just to take out a mage Island??? I think that’s an absolutely terrible idea. You want a warrior spell to get past mage islands, use mystic winds.


Maybe reflect mages and make them drain supershots from the defender instead…


Why u do t wait for the new spells guys they will be revealed in a few minutes


Many things are possible and could be tested , but i dont know how far they want go.
Last warriors , at least girasol wasnt what it should be…


No, you don’t get it. Rage island is easy, the only island that can be killed by a warrior.
My warrior will clean off rage island, get 1 rage saved, and dive bomb to glory on the big island. This will pave the way for victory!


I say no for the warrior…


He doesnt even have Super Rejuvenate :joy:

AND the shield takes rage over time too!!!


Looks worse than Leos


You have to remember rejuvenate is gonna heal 30% now. So he has a possible 10 second invincibility stoneskin shield. Plus a 30 second heal


Right so we have xenot? You had weeks to create a useful hunter and, and you make one that can neither lead nor follow.

What a piece of …

Why on earth would you create that crap?

So lets all NOT SPEND $2k to get a dragon that fcks up the leads work.

Umbral spike, dissipate. Fml


Key words: “Going to have…”

Right now Rejuvenate is a slap in the face.


Just posting spells so that thread knows what you’re talking about. Agreed with the disappointment.


if the shield assault provides a good amount of damage increase, I think I can at least settle for it.

Something like 80% increase at the cost of 0.5 rage per second and then your rage generation mitigates some of them to become like 0.2 rage per second.


Its cool…but turn the corner… 2 mage supershot, no rage, shield death…dragon death lol!


Pardon my ignorance, but is seismic screech basically intimidating roar?

Shield Assault could be great or could be complete crap, depending on the increase of output damage and decrease in incoming damage…

Interested in seeing it in action, but doesn’t look overly exciting.


Turn corner… Cast epic shield… Oh no wait blue mage



The warrior doesn’t look good at all… so which of the other two is better? Any opinions?


Complete disapointment