Wintertide Season - Legendary Warrior and Mythic Hunter Preview


So the bottom line is get avyx

Forget the rest. Can the next season start please? Maybe we can get a mulligan


Avyx for sure…!


Warriors are very rarely leads anyway, guys. The question is is whether it can take any punches after a dragon like Necryx has killed the blue mages.

Avyx looks like the better option at this point, though. I agree




Wow, those spells are a complete disappointment.


Maybe, maybe not, but and AoE dmg folowing necryx is dumb! Avyz might be the best follower


A dragon with the power of a mythic one… no white spell, instead of it some known spells…

I wonder what is the difference of that assualt blast and super heat breath…
Superheat breath from Zamrok… 1 rage cost, deal 5 seconds increased damage , i guess it was 60-70% increase.
So what this shield assault bring me during that 5 seconds ? Less attack, but protection ??

I really want to compare “Zamrok”, which had invicibility shield with rage help, and this Gladicus…
I am disappointed a bit…

Hope some PG Mate show us a test fly as in past …
The good thing is the resist… else nothing it seems… if assault shield wont bring a extreme attack as havoc…


5 second of that shield will cost you 2.5 rages…! Lol!


It just amazes me the level of disconnect between pg development team and actual players community.


What does seismic screech do?


It’s a one rage intimidating roar. Ferga and xenot have it.
Edit: it debuffs towers.


Great. Saves me a lot of money.


Its like people said before … A mix of Icicle/ Xenot / Kerbos … or a child of these… for Neptus…

I really hope PG think at least about some details… like the change with borg and kinnarus before.


Seeing these, I am happy with Leos then. Half price and not that bad as the full price Gladicus looks to be. No other dragon this season for me.


I’ll come visit you with avyx when it’s 40 (give me 2 weeks).


I’m sticking with Avyx and spending the rest of my sigils on prizes. I’m happy with my decision, token bonus, rider and Avyx.


Hahahahahah thanks new rims for the convertible it is :raised_hands:t4:


Please do. Again, I am glad I went for the discount dragon. Not much spending and he’s not that bad. Already had a hunter worthy of this name - Necryx - another great half priced dragon, so all is good. I’ll use my money on other things than this season dragons.


Yeah, I usually try to reserve judgement because I end up being proven wrong once somebody gets the dragon leveled and puts it through its paces. But I just don’t see how these spell combos could turn out well… especially compared to the other dragons offered this season.


So avyx was the only useful dragon you created this season, noted. I’m shocked you all failed this badly. Who thought these dragons looked remotely good?