Wintertide Season - Legendary Warrior and Mythic Hunter Preview


If only they were not so stubborn, they could release the preview 2-3 week earlier and gather comments from community and make some tweeks…!

After all, if dragons are good, people will have more interest in investing in them then if they suck…! Seem logic no?


The look isn’t the problem they are beautiful but the spell sets just don’t work. @PGJared Your artwork team is on point you just need help with spells. Like someone said in an earlier post not sure if in this thread. I rather fly a flying trash can with an amazing spell set.


Unfortunately Dave is Atlas


if they had at least made shield assault white it might have been a bit useful… :frowning:


True and not… The supershot will still empty your rage and shield will go down like a canon supershot…!


Yea, pgdave is atlas and doesn’t even touch season drag designs, artwork or spells. Pg Jared, pg pulse, and arelyna are the ones you want to tag.


A level 50 ish maybe?


Wow they REALLY put all their effort into making this a disappointing season didnt they… That warrior looks like an absolute waste. I feel like this officially confirms that PG hates warriors. They might as well stop making them if this is the results. Smh, not sure if should bother waiting for the secon rider which may also suck and have no discount or just get equestor

100% not worth the wait or being postponed


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Opps


Does Leo’s shield go down with cannon?


every shield goes down with cannons


Still trying to understand why they said in description “with his ashem breath” since he dosnt even have ashem breath… LOL what a false lore…!


Maybe his flame is ashen colored?


Can we all discuss how the leak was correct :thinking:


Yes like every other shields in the game!


The ski slopes and taverns of Vermont thank you for my patronage.


It does, but his shield is so short, and the health is applied at the start of his shield, the cannon shot doesn’t really matter that much.


Thank you for explaining


This ! @Lutrus said it all. Lions rage though and his two great resists plus mythic power/HP at Obsidian level makes him, IMHO, a better dragon than his pairs in the tier. Is he a powerhouse ? No way ! But it is fun to play.


For me Leos Shield is an instant Rejuvenate.