Wintertide Season - Legendary Warrior and Mythic Hunter Preview


Actually the dragons that are released in the so called main game and seasons and the ideas presented in the Atlas World War thread makes me think PG wants to move spenders totally into Atlas and away from the „main game“. So the cool dragons will be offered in prizes for Atlas Wars and Events and everybody who can‘t or doesn‘t want to participate in that is left with the crap they are providing with main line dragons like Mafic and Girasol or the dragons in this season.


Isn’t pgcoffe mentioned about at least 1 white spell in these remaining dragons?


LOL PG nice try, but it’s April fool’s, not January fool’s.

Give us the real spells now. :joy:


The hunter spells seem cool… the warrior on the other end look really meh…!


Get ready for bombing


Ok so PG had an internal contest about who can design the worst spellset ever seen on a mythic hunter.
Now let us know who won please.

Ohwell, thanks for reminding me to stay a non-spender :v:t2:


How do you figure?

Cool != useful


How do you not think they’re useful?
Edit: thought avyx was being discussed. Carry on.


Well, a cloak with dmg is nice, but the 2 rage cost is bad tho…! A umbral spike whick also heal for 1 rage seem pretty descent…! Just nuke the red mage first then then enjoy! The corupting shit idk what it does tho, but it just can make the drag better right?


What the hell is with the hate train on white spells @PGJared, a mythic without the ability to hit an proper set up island is insulting, meanwhile an aoe cloak that screws over sanding/vines is injury.


The drag dont have sand nor whine, so maybe THIS hunter is set to be a main one, not a follow-up drag, which is what I expect for a drag that will.cost you 2k money haha! He must be able to handle a base by himself!


Avyx is there for that


Without a white spell, you’re having a laugh, he’ll be out of rage before you can even think to cast a spell, so literally his only edge is hoping that passive skill is like double damage for his attacks. Also hunters don’t have tons of hp, so tanking isn’t an option, also the cloak damage is based off hp, so that damage will also be bad.


Well…! We are still waiting for the official release from PG, @arelyna will you guys how them soon?



Pretty sure that @Arelyna and @PGCrisis will die with the new top mythic divine water sprinkler on a maxed base with the spells being much worse (Red spell and higher rage cost) than they were in the advertising video :upside_down_face:


Im betting on a pre recorded run with a rider and $2000 gear and full runeset against a base heavy in ice turrets and non maxxed dps towers sprinkled into a very poor base design

And dont forget half the turrets are capped at lvl 40 normal dmg


I’m pretty sure a new tier stone, which will make the dragon stronger by default to the level 60 towers, and it won’t be defended, or properly structured.


One word to describe this season?


Everything costs more, dragons suck, chest drops suck, and prize tiers just keep going up.

Money money money. That’s all PG is worried about. It’s a shame.

Disappointment seems to be a theme here with most of EVERYONE playing!!

Game used to be an addiction, now it’s just a headache with the money fist crunching down.


Sounds like Dissipate.
Coincidence? I don‘t think so!


I think from now on, i’ll just wait for the ryder, pick him and keep all my rubies and chest for next season! :wink: Won’t renew my premium account either for the remaining of the season, will just take a cool season lol!