Wintertide Season - Legendary Warrior and Mythic Hunter Spells Preview [Tidal Surge UPDATED to White Spell!]


I second that. Was hugely disappointed when I read the skill set. But the video gave me glimmer of hope that the mythic was usable. Now it’s back to waiting for the next tier. Who would have thought the showcase mythic from this season, where a hunter comes every 9 months, wouldn’t have a white spell.


The Rejuvenate noted above has the updated stats. An update to Rejuvenate’s healing power will be going into effect very soon. Like, really soon. Check back tomorrow. :wink:

Riptide will be a blue spell that costs 1 Rage. This was an inaccuracy on the blog that I will update immediately!


Take down that video on YouTube. It’s a cheap scam to those who don’t read the forums and watch that video. Gotta be kidding me, make a new video and reupload it. What’s the issue with that?


Aww I hope you’re the one who makes decisions!! Go go go crisis!! :muscle:t2:

On a lighter note, we expecting stream to see them today?


It’s pretty simple @PGCrisis the kit in the video is useful, the one we’re getting isn’t. I don’t know where the hate for white spells is coming from, or who decided to cripple the mythic. But please make viable useful dragons, not pretty paperweights.


Nobody ever says anything incorrect on YouTube



Thank you, everyone, for your initial feedback. Rest assured I’ll bring your concerns to the team.

You can expect to see Gladicus and Neptus fly on our livestreams both tomorrow and Thursday!


LOL hey I’m not the company though. I’m not required to be 100% accurate :joy::see_no_evil:


I once read that everything I see and read on the internet is 100% factual and verified… I think it was posted by Abraham Lincoln but I can’t remember :wink:


I full-on, teeny-bopper basic b*tch can’t even with these dragons right now. :joy:


How much dmg does seismic acreech does?

The shield would need at least 65% dmg increase to make him a descent warrior…! He will still lack dmg against farm and high level tower…!

Zamrock had a 1 rage 65% g increase plus a way to avoid mage tower and regen rage…! This warrior has neither of those option…!


Thank you for your confirmation.
Looking forward to watching the new video soon~


What level are you mate?


Looking forward to a new season here.


Level 161, why?


I kind of know what WarLord is gonna say :joy:

It’s hiding in the question… :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


@PGCrisis so who is the fella we need to be directing all these comments towards then?


Ya same…! If i were really patient i’ll hold rubies and gold chest until they release a good mythic and get him haha!


You should consider to skip warriors and beef up your hunter game. Don’t want to tell you how to live your live tho.

Seismic screech is kinda ok damage wise one cast is like 40% damage on a lv 40 tower on a base with green base research.


I already have Necryx with rider which is a total beast and Borgian which is not as strong, but still real strong! Thats why I was hoping for a good warrior to play something different haha!

Avyx seem real good and might be a real nice fit with Necryx, but the fact that there wont prolly be another dark ryder available for a while and that he dont really bring much more then Borgian to my team kinda turn me off a bit haha