Wintertide Season - Legendary Warrior and Mythic Hunter Spells Preview [Tidal Surge UPDATED to White Spell!]


THIS is the warrior I bypassed 50% sigil reductions to wait on. Haven’t seen him fly yet but sans rage regen and/or a white spell he’s doomed.

Vastly disappointed PG.


U were waiting for a warrior?:sweat_smile:


Problem is I HATE that I didn’t go for Leos. Not because I’d like him no but I’d need another obsidian mythic warrior for the perch. 50% was a great deal for this dragon I won’t do the same mistake again.

Oh wait it’s not mythic just the power of it. Disregard lol


I’m the fella. You can direct them towards me.


I thought you said you didn’t have the authority to make the changes?


I don’t, but I can relay feedback from the community! That’s definitely something I can do. :slight_smile:


I posted this in the discussion about the Dissipate spell, but it is relevant to this one as well. My suggestions for the mythic and thoughts on its current setup.


I was likely going to spend whatever to get it on my main as well. Super bummed by this. I like your suggestions. With those in place, I’d likely reconsider.


Is tidal surge doing damage to surrounding towers, too, or are my eyes just not keeping up with where the taps are going?


Some are specific locations where small aoes can hit multiple towers; other times, it’s that + taps, such as on the second small island (closest to the base).


Thank you!


So what you say @PGCrisis is that finally you decided to put in place the changes you announced some three weeks ago about making Warriors and Sorcerers better dragons ? Can’t wait to see this ! :+1:


Their DPS doesn’t change, just the speed of the particles from the dragon to the tower.


Some of their spells/attacks do change and these changes have an impact in the way a dragon performs:

  • Malefic Breath - Increased damage for this spell.
  • Dreadful Roar - Increased damage for this spell.


Please change spells,atleast Tidal to white. This was going to be my fist seasonal mythic and now I’ve wasted my money. Why is it always the pretty ones that are crap?


So while active will shield assault also block normal rage regeneration? What about rage from runes? Is it a 1 way street where it only drains or a 2 way street where drain and regen happen at the same time?


Eally good question… IMO it should not stop rage regen…!


This isn’t a mark on you crisis, but a synopsis doesn’t always capture the full essence of what we’re saying or why. The person who is responsible could wave his hand around flamboyantly and say “oh they always do this its no big deal”, “the kit is fine as is” etc. and then when the dragon is released and we feel like we’ve been ignored, you end up with people who have the dragon just because they’re buying resources and not dragons;or just plain competitive, or collecting because they can. While these aren’t positive reasons people should end up with the dragon, it should be a happy and thrilling experience. Not a “guess hes going in the bank” moment. Just because we give up on changing his mind because we dont feel he’s listening, doesn’t mean he turns out to be right and the disdain for the dragon disappears. No one wants a dragon that can’t do anything when faced with a proper set up island(red blue tower island), it means all you have is a sitting duck praying you can take out a relevant tower in time to be able to use your spells; but alas, between a stun from dark flak, or losing all rage from mage towers, your spells will never get used.


At least if tidal changes to white, it’d be possible to one shot blue mages and cloak before the other supershots hit- that would immediately improve Neptus’ viability.
Please do a real run with this dragon on a defended base and let me know if you still think this dragon justifies the cost.


*with its final spellset, not in the one in the video :rofl:

Edit: Also, I can understand why it was done, but it could be misleading/confusing; I wouldn’t be surprised if there end up being support tickets.