Wintertide Season - Legendary Warrior and Mythic Hunter Spells Preview [Tidal Surge UPDATED to White Spell!]


I was about to say that lol make that spell RED first.


Dissappointing spell set for the mythic :frowning:

As for the warrior, it’s useless. But even with good spells I would have considered it useless anyway as it’s a warrior.

Looks like I’ll just finish Avyx and spend nothing. Looking forward to next season.


Cool dragons. Spells should be fun too.


I think my biggest issue is, in the YouTube video, Neptus has a white spell for tidal surge. If it indeed red, I believe it’s usefullness drops dramatically, as illustrated in the video, it’s a key spell in the dragons toolkit.

I believe if the demonstration video had a red tidal surge, the attack would have had a very different outcome.


If spike is red, get rid of stupid 4 second cooldown
If spike is to white, leave it on cooldown

If its not white, skip the dragon and dont bother


Can’t agree more. Dont give us a red spell on a mythic hinter that is crappier than what ember has at level 1. One or the other from Gox’s suggestion. We had a white gaze w cooldown for merkt. That worked OK, and the 8% heal means nothing anyway in defended runs, especially when you factor in the cooldown period. Or…just make it red but at least get rid of the cooldown period so its comparable to death gaze. And in either case, plz get rid of the awkward 0.7 second delay. Whats the point of the immediate death spell when the affected tower can shoot anyway?

The spell is already inherently time-limited in its usefulness due to the 12x instead of 10000x damage in gaze/umbral/uproot. Come new tower levels and this drags is obsolete anyway. At least plz make it worthwhile for this season.

Thank you.


Unfortunately these spells are such a disappointment I will not be going forwards with the getting of my first mythic divine. This season has been highly disappointing overall- really not good dragons- appreciate that you have to vary the season dragons and can’t always put in everyone s favourite spells into every season dragon, but when you try to actually run these dragons on a real base, they simply don’t work as they are. Appreciate the need to get a video up, but don’t put up a video that doesn’t show the finished dragon- since the spell started as white why on EARTH would anyone think it should be changed!!!that decision was wrong and clearly changed in a short time, change it back.


Hi there I was really waiting for this myst. Hunter. After i saw the video i thought: ok, i can use the cloak like a exploding shield and the white spell could take out a high lvl flak with one shot so i can go on and kill another tower and then turn over to those mage towers. Now without the white skill i have to kill the mage first which means the chances are very high that i will be hit by the other mage tower (loose rage), the flake tower supershot or some fireballs from firetowers are on the way. Correct me, i m not that good with hunters…but with my thoughts i don t see a reason why i should pick it.


Please change tidal surge from red to WHITE so this dragon is actually usable. With the 4 second cooldown it won’t be overpowered and will actually make this dragon somewhat viable .

Riptide should just be made into cloak or like another poster suggested it “debuffs” towers as not to re activate towers that have been sanded.
At higher levels sanding/tactical play is a must and this dragon just isn’t viable.

Was looking forward to picking up the mythic hunter which only comes around every 3rd season but this is so drastically disappointing and unusable that it’s just not worth wasting money on.

It’s cool that some people appreciate the art and flavor but in the end these need to be viable for wars and performance.
Did PG just decide to hate white spells this season lol??
And please if you design a warrior embrace zamarok; he was a good warrior. This is just sad .


I wasn’t going to bother posting as I just prefer to read the forums and rely on others posting my thoughts for me, but this particularly bothers me. It bothers me because I’m not a big spender, I’m probably not even a mediocre spender, but I digress.

The reason for me posting is I’ve saved all my rubies and all my gold chests from the start of Fall season for the purpose of having a shot at the Mythic Hunter this season. The gold chests are gone but I’m currently sat on top of a six figure sum of rubies. The problem is that this hunter, whilst great looking has delivered a massively disappointing set of spells. I’m currently half way through garnet, a million miles away from having Noctua and I missed Necryx.

I hoped, that this mythic was going to deliver me something I could use as a ‘main dragon’. Right now I’m thinking I may as well just blow a shit ton of rubies on gold chests and fast forward my way toward Noctua by a month.

There are suggestions within this thread by players equally disappointed as me that are giving you the chance to at least save this hunter and deliver something that isn’t necessarily earth moving but still useable.

Maybe there’s some hope for me yet :pray:t2:


RIP the mythic…
Warrior with rejuvenate seriously?? On a Divine!?!



Had a look at the video - nice flying on the hunter.

Couple of questions please

  1. On the warrior a consumable was used to give a fairly fake impression of it tanking. Would it be possible to show an normal run so we can see how it handles damage? The shield and rejuvenation mechanic are both blue so would be interesting. He seems to have similarly poor dps as Girasol with a similarly weak mechanism to gain it - aka you have to kil a blue and or storm first, seems highly unlikely that he can out dps a hammer.

In perspective moonfang, has 60 percent passive rage regen, and 50% damage boost with another 25% rage.

So really worried about his damage potential.

Regarding Neptune:
2. Video preview is white, yet spell is red. This gives a very skewed view on his capabilities.
Can we have a run (unedited) on a base with the actual dragon.

  1. He is shown midbase - is this because he dies trying to take the full base? Sure he takes some brutal damage from a small especially since spike cant be used till red mage down?

  2. Xenot was completely useless in wars due to dissipate. Seems it got recycled. And although I saw the reply saying you’re hoping for different strats that dont involve noctua hau or necryx, this is certainly not viable currently. Any plans on making this dragon viable while he is relevant? Cause a season from now is just too late.

  3. Lastly, were these tested against any type of defended base? Seems like they both particularly weak against defenders?

Looking forward to your answers


Thanks for saving me so much money! This was the first season I was going to push for the Mythic, but now I have no reason to… Awesome. Equestor line and egg line is finished, I can just plug away at Kayla and then casually do the Avyx line… I will just happily keep flying Nec and Borg!


@PGCrisis if nothing else, not changing is gonna hurt your sales, just because the dragon isn’t viable. Do what’s right for your bottom line, give us a p2w dragon Xd


Do the dragons come out later today?


Yes when the event is activated they’re active


Usual time? 10pm until 12pm lol


Depends on your time zone


Uk 45678910


If you don’t like the legendary dragons this season or the mythic, don’t buy them…simple :joy:

I know it’s difficult for some, but if you don’t spend your money then perhaps PG might make some dragons next season that are actually worth it. And you can save some money and take your other halves out for a nice meal instead or something… :joy::joy: