Wintertide Season - Legendary Warrior and Mythic Hunter Spells Preview [Tidal Surge UPDATED to White Spell!]


Any ETA on the second rider?
Got the egg token bonus and first page of Kyla. So far Avyxx looks like the best bet to me but still hoarding my sigils, until I know more about the second rider.


It’s not that simple. Some of us need to buy timers and tokens for the team to remain competitive, and we get the mythic as a result in doing so. Even if you don’t aim for mythic, you can still get mythic. Then, you would expect what you get is worth a spot on your roster. I do not even care nowadays whether Merkt is on my roster or not. Sometimes I suddenly realize, where’s Merkt?

But there’s another part of it is if the mythic is good, more people will strive for it. And that’s a very nice thing to see. I didn’t see noctua breaking the game, even with the long imbalanced towers.

I hope we get wonderful things. And the wonerful thing can stay competitive for 3 months as the next tier after next comes, the power gap will put it back to Den. But when you look back, it was a happy feeling that you got him. Not a Merkt feeling.

So if you wanna put things as easy as that, think again.


I am a new player and just started Oct 2017. I have already spent a lot of money buying rubies in order to buy this season’s Mythic. With under 3 months of game time, I can even see the problem with the Mythic’s spell set. Maybe I should re-evaluate spending large amounts of money on this game if the developers are not going to offer a quality product.


Lol…! If i was going to spend 2k cash on a game like that, i’d hope the reward would be a button name “nuke everything” that would just insta kill evetything…! That would justify the cost…!

There is no sane person who would spend that much mmoney for a dragon not better then the free ones…!


Tony let’s talk. I can give you a home where you don’t need to spend 4K per season to stay put. :hugs:


Hey Dragon Lords,

Sorry everyone for the late reply. We took some time yesterday to read over the comments and everyones thoughts on the strategy when it comes to flying Neptus. There are a lot of great points made across the multitude of posts. We had a short discussion internally with our content team and have agreed to change Tidal Surge to be a white spell.

We really appreciate everyone’s feedback on the new dragons and spells. If you have anymore comments or feedback please let us know.


Great but be ready for a new tidal surge of spell change requests :joy:


That’s great but honestly the other spell is the bigger issue. Riptide removing sand is why I don’t want it anymore. Should just debuff towers upon uncloaking and leave sand untouched.
If that can be done I’ll definitely get the mythic


Question is corrosive brine addative or multiplicative and is it compounding?


It reads just like Frostbite, which would not be compounding.

Ie. hit tower A, tower A now takes X% more damage until destroyed


Riptide just fucked up this mythic, not even white Tidal Surge can help this.
Noone wants a 1 rage “unvine everything” button.

And it‘s going to especially suck if it can‘t ivolve into Ruby Tier.


Umm… is this a joke???


That is correct. There is an additional, not-so-intuitive functionality as well. The first time you apply Corrosive Brine to the tower, the tower takes the additional damage as an additional, separate instance. So it magn


That avatar :joy:


So it’s basically every shot after the first one does 25% additional damage


Every shot, including the first. Based on how the timing of the damage being applied versus the debuff. The debuff is actually applied first so that first instance of damage is also buffed.


LOL 10/10 best avatar ever


I have a quick question about Tidal Surge. @PGCrisis
As its damage is related to "dragon power"
So will
(1) att/def boost
(2) research
(3) rider and rider gears
increase its damage?
If the above can, how likely will the spell one-shot kill next 5 lvls of towers?


At least it’s meme worthy


How cares… If you pay 2k for a dragon, you dont want to have to usr another 1 before to be able to rape everything…he must/should be able to kill everything by himself!