Wintertide Season - Legendary Warrior and Mythic Hunter Spells Preview [Tidal Surge UPDATED to White Spell!]


One down now one to go! Good job on making tidal surge white.
NOW for the bigger issue ! Switch dissipate to cloak and you’ll have my $$$. Otherwise this dragon is still severely gimped because his dissipate like spell undoes all the lead dragons hard work! Or make it where riptide applies a debuff without dealing any damage.


Cloak as no help on a mythic…riptide look cool he does dmg and from the description, it doesnt seem to have a coldown to recast it!.. who care about unsanding tower…its not like that dragon as that ability anyway…! He seem to be used as a lead, not a follower thats all…!


You’re under level 150, yes?


No am not, my divine are lvl 35 and yes i use hunter for the most part…! I know i am not endgame but it might not be that different…!


His spell set would drop on a 300+ base with 2 defenders. Like a fly.
Even the famous Noctua needs skill to succeed with multiple defenders, and even then it likely won’t solo. A backer needs to have a dragon that doesn’t undo Noc’s work.

Don’t give us backup dragons that undo lead dragons’ work.


It’s not HIS ability to sand that he’d be undoing…


Youre right, but If that riptide has no coldown, i still see potential in that dragon beeing use as a main…! Seem to have good dmg with corrosion, can dodge shot with riptide, does dmg and abuse it if no CD


Well once you un-sand the mages bye bye to abusing riptide


But it has a cooldown so you’re just imagining things right now. I mean I wish elemental barrier has no cooldown either. Doesn’t exist so doesn’t matter.


Who knows… it’s not written! You just need to destoy the mage with that tidal first…! :wink: Doesnt take a genius haha! But that 0.7 sec on tidal might fuck everything and give time to mage ton hit you twice…so…well…! Lol


If you watch the video there is a cool down


Definitely would have been nice if it would have stayed white! Or atleast give him a white spell!
Being one rage each helps but not near enough!

With multiple defenders spam healing we still have to DESTROY off all the mages before he can even use his damn spells and by then the damn rage has been sucked out by a supershot that it doesn’t even matter anymore!

For how expensive he is he should be a goto dragon in wars and for all things and He’s not! :pensive:
White spells should be mandatory on the Mythic!! Or atleast give us something like sand so can use against the mages!

I was excited about the Hunter hoping a great one was coming but no so much anymore!


Tidal would be blocked by red mages so won’t be destroying any mages unless there just isn’t any reds around and yeah your right your rage is definitely gone by then…

Nothing to see here :wave:


Tidal surge is white - it’s even in the goddamed title - does no one read anymore? :roll_eyes:


Not arguing with you or anything but did you read the title of this thread?


I’m convinced that many don’t. Which is unfortunate. Reading can be quite enjoyable. Though catching up on all the forum posts can take quite a while lol.


That’s why I’ve permanently made myself a nice beanbag here to sit on…:joy:


Didnt watched lol!


Whoops didn’t see this!


Though to be fair, I didn’t realize the title had been updated since I’m just reading the new posts at the bottom. And unfortunately, the title that shows at the top of the screen while reading this in Safari on my iPad doesn’t show the full title (it’s cut out and just has ellipses at the end of it).