Wintertide Season - Legendary Warrior and Mythic Hunter Spells Preview [Tidal Surge UPDATED to White Spell!]


True true.

Ok I take it back :joy:


Not 125 replies definitely not, no time for that! :joy:

Read the first 10-20 then replied and how is one supposed to know by the title? That’s silly!

In the video it shows White then obviously it’s said to be red and stated as red in the post and all the back and forths make it easy to get mixed up…

But Thankfully we have ppl like you who will read all the replies and correct us! Thank you sir :grin:


I have no life… :scream:


To be fair to Grumpaluffagus it also says white in the spell description now :rofl:


Nice - I may change my name now… :joy:


I finally had a time to use it! Seeing Big Bird all the time and all…


So does Neptus have a new stone with him or not - I don‘t think it is a great idea if you did not complete all 3 branches, you can not even look at his branch… :roll_eyes:


I was told no by a reliable person (I can’t see for myself)


No new evo stone for him ://

Im assuming they will add it later, else he will be dead in the water


Why are you trying to pull my name into Grumpy’s :unamused:


I am just waiting for Tony to put up his video.



신화 뿐만 그렇게 해주시지말고 워리어 쉴드스킬도 화이트 해주세여 강력히 요청합니다.


Why in gods name does the cloak has to explode? Just why? I’d personally prefer it just being a normal cloak!

I’m sure everyone here would agree eith me… If you wanna make the cloak unique or better, give it heal instead, a small percentage like the spike spell… After all the water theme is healing properties… But as I said I’d prefer just cloak over this explosive spell.

PG please reconsider this madness, I only go fir the mythic if it’s a hunter so it’s your loss of several thousands just from me alone :joy::joy::joy:. I’m not putting that much money into a xp base dragon!


What’s wrong with being under lvl 150?


쉴드 어설트 스킬도 화이트로 바꿔주세여,비 비과금러도 쓸만한 용점 뽑읍시다.


Just attack prior to it ending to break it without explosion. (At least that used to work with xenot)


Well I circumvented xenoth so good to know its possible! Assuming this version works the same of course… I’ll take shorter cloak over getting 7 supershots up my a**, all at once, any day :joy:
Really want some good flyer to beta test him and take the risk on their own wallet cause the PG vidoe tells nothing strategically important (as usual).


Just a thought. Why not keep the spell riptide but combine it with the passive corrosive brine. Remove the damage but apply the bonus damage debuff to all towers. That way it still boosts overall damage done but doesn’t unsand towers and allows for strategic use of riptide.

Even allows you to set up your team if you think your going to fail.

Keeps it in the spirit of the dragon, stops spells having to change and gives neptus something really unique.


Dragon seems decent. White spell really helped.

Think he is fine, needs a next tier evo stone still