Wintertide Season - Legendary Warrior and Mythic Hunter Spells Preview [Tidal Surge UPDATED to White Spell!]


@PGCrisis @PGJared It would be great if you could give such players opportunity to showcase new dragons and their spells. It would make life easier for you and dragons will look much better in test runs.


@xXxAirForcexXx you can see in the vid he killed the flak and red at the same time with tidal on middle long :man_shrugging:t3: Tower combos man: they’re the bees knees.


Triple death gaze. Mmm. Ok yeah consider drag fixed


I wouldn’t say triple death gaze. Damage is high but it’s not a guaranteed one shot if your hitting high. But it is better your rigt.


@PGMichael @PGLawson @PGCrisis Could you please make Neptus‘ page visible and just lock the prizes instead of the whole page so players can see what they pay for?

Otherwise it looks like you‘re trying to sell a cat in the sack.


Yep looks better :grinning: Would consider buying him if he has the next evo stone. Otherwise, nope. And definitely please open up the page as MareZ said!


That dragon look pretty fun to play :laughing:… Too bad i dont have 1k to invest LOL!


Woop woop Rihanna :grin:


@Lutrus I already replied to your question in a different article yesterday. If you don’t, can’t or just don’t want to understand, then it’s your problem.

interesting fact: If you actually type “smartass” in forum search, you show up as one of the only 2 results.


Sorry when i don t get it right: can this white spell destroy two towers with one strike if they re standing close to each other? Also is there so eone who tested it pvp? Ty!


Yes, the closer the towers are together and the farther away you are, the better your chances to hit two or even three towers with one shot if you aim correctly.
This works with other spells too such as Death Gaze, Desiccating Sand etc.


White tidal. Wow. Just like white death gaze. Too bad I don’t have money to throw at this drag


Hey man! Do you still use Line? Same one?


One thing about the passive attack bonus for Neptus. If the tower is out of range for an active spell, does it mean the passive won’t apply as well even though the fireballs can hit them?

The question comes from the XP runs where a tower will be one shot when close enough, but require two shots to finish off if far, even though the fireball is able to hit. Is that normal?


Yep :muscle:t4::envelope_with_arrow::envelope_with_arrow::envelope_with_arrow::envelope_with_arrow::envelope_with_arrow::envelope_with_arrow:


Congrats @ToNyRen ! Awesome job, as always !


워리어 스벨도 화이트로 바꾸어 주세여.


How much is the full page? I thought I heard @Arelyna say it was 25k for Neptus


Wasn’t a lot

around 2k maybe?


It’s good to know I heard wrong. I’m not getting it but my heart went out for people who are.