Wintertide Season - Legendary Warrior and Mythic Hunter Spells Preview [Tidal Surge UPDATED to White Spell!]


I can afford that! Now if I can just find the 75k for the other 3 drags… :joy:


Is there any plans to change Gladicus’ spells to synergize better like white sacrifice and northern lights(light) instead of rejuvenate and seismic screech. really anything to give that dragon a way to gain rage and skillfully gain health back to use shield assault. whos damage could be buffed to at least 50%, maybe decrease the shield to 40%(for balancing). Just give the poor warrior a chance past platinum.


So as far as i know there will be new dragons soon. Will Neptus get the evostone for this new dragonclass? I% not why should i pick a dragon, that is weaker then the normal dragons right from the beginning?


They will probably add the new tier stone for Neptus.

(Remember, PG wants people to spend.)


just confirmed… Neptus will get the next tier stone. As seen on the live stream. Stone will come sometime next week (she said the 24th ish).


@PGCrisis any update on this?

Also Neptus still shows the wrong spell icons of both of his active skills in the season tab:

  • Red instead of white Tidal Surge
  • Dissipate instead of Riptide

If you want players to buy it, please update it to the correct info and show the prizes/evo stones.


I’ve sent off a request to our team to update the spells and unlock a preview of Neptus’ branch. Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I’m definitely in favour of changing the spells so players have an accurate understanding of Neptus’ spell set.

Neptus and his Runes
Neptus and his Runes

Is there going to be another ryder this season? When will we find out? Thx!


Will this evolve it into a legendary harbinger tier or mythic?


Thanks! The spells are now shown correctly im the Season‘s Tab :+1:t2:
Hoping that his branch will soon be visible and that it will be answered if he evolves into a legendary Harbinger :slightly_smiling_face:


@PCcrisis… Hiya :slight_smile:
How about changing the Riptide to ’ white spell ’ and also reduce the cool down to 3.5 second instead 4.5 second otherwise is imbalance to fight as we know that hunter HP is the least among all. Thanks.


Er no. Neptus is borderline the strongest dragon in game now. He doesn’t need more buffs. He is in a good place.

Top for 1 season.
Above average harb as new tower levels release
And then mediocre thereafter

That seems like a decent lifespan


Why is the solution to everything WHITE? :man_facepalming:

I got a new dragon. I can’t fly even if my life depended on it so I’m gonna ask PG to make everything white.

So lame.


Can we get danzig’s ballista resist in white?


Yo we need white cure poison. I’m sick and tired of dying bc my Laekerin can’t use cure poison vs dOz Ballistas win der iz a blue mage there.


For some waverers :eyes:





level 22 ?


Lvl43 (its in the video)


Hahaha we have a winner. Lv 15? Wtf? :grin: