Wintertide Season Preview - Winter 2017

Introducing the Wintertide Season!

Dragon Lords, prepare yourselves for a first look at what's flying in with the new season.



War Dragons - Tempest Collection


When the Isle of the Ancients rises from the sea, the world’s most skilled soldiers and fearsome dragons gather to participate in the Gladiatorial Games. The Tempest Collection features some of the most lauded champions from past to present! These dragons will also have unique spells to be revealed soon!


AVYX - Primary Dragon


The Tempest Collection - Avyx

Warhawk Drake


Avyx has achieved many decisive wins in the arena, using subterfuge to strike decisive blows against her opponents. Stalking from the shadows before dive-bombing and delivering a blinding flurry of talon strikes, she has the well-deserved monicker of “The Warhawk.”


EQUESTOR - Primary Dragon



Storm Chariot


Like a bolt from the Underworld, this chariot of storms took to the skies. Equestor’s speed is terrifying - its mane is unearthly fire, and sparks of electricity cascade from its jet black hooves. Some say it can pull the souls of its foes straight from the afterlife in order to aid it in battle.


LEOS - Bonus Dragon


The Tempest Collection - Leos

Prideful Predator


A relative newcomer to the Gladiatorial Games, Leos is nevertheless a fearsome competitor. His roar shakes the arena itself, and this proud gladiator's resolve only increases as the battle rages on.

Leos will be this season's bonus dragon! Look out for his discounted branch for the first two weeks of Wintertide.






Tempest Collection - Gladiator Portrait


Dragons are not the only creature that fight in the arena; some bouts happen on a much smaller, but no less glorious, scale. Othos is the favored champion of Emperor Antonius, and is projected to win the tournament.




The Tempest Collection - Lightbow


The female vigilante only known as “Lightbow” sees herself as an agent of justice - protecting dragons from those that would poach or otherwise bring harm to them. She’s heard rumors that a competitor in the Gladiatorial Games is an assassin… not of men, but dragons. This will not stand!




Tempest Collection - Desert Assassin Portrait


Nefertari is a foreign competitor from the Burning Sands, using her skill with blades, magic, and wiles to prevail in the arena. However, she has a secret agenda - her people revere dragons, preserving them for the afterlife, and presence of the Underworld dragon Equestor is something that she cannot abide.




Wintertide - UI Update


The Seasons UI is getting an upgrade! In celebration of the winter festivities, the world of War Dragons will also be completely transformed; covered in snow, snowmen, and bringing holiday cheer to everyone playing the game! Check out our upcoming livestreams for an exclusive preview!


Which dragon’s look do you like the most? Which portrait do you think you’ll be rocking? Tweet us at @WarDragonsGame and join the Wintertide Season discussion with fellow Dragon Lords on this very thread!


Wow, I wonder what I’ll choose. What type is Equestor? What are his spells?:heart_eyes:

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Equestor looks awesome. If they have ballista resist…


They better not. I expect something more impressive when I read this :

I am so ready to know, please excuse my impatience :joy:

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Another lightning-based dragon? Hmm…I’ll reserve judgement. Equestor looks like a sorcerer and I suspect he will have a summon-type spell given the description. I hope they fix the summon spell clashing issue!!!

However, I love love love that this season’s hunter is out immediately! Yay!

Yeah I do prefer seeing the hunter early on. But I think you right with Equestor.

Shiny new avatars.:heart_eyes:
But the dragons will hopefully be better than last season.

Special alert!

@Arelyna will be live with PGCoffee in just a few minutes to share the new season’s UI and chatting a bit more about Wintertide!

Tune in here:



This is Shahit from yesterdays stream, I still haven’t seen any whispers come through on Twitch. When are they distributing the prizes from yesterdays stream?

Those poor snowmen. What a world they live in where fire rains from the sky on a daily basis.



“Winter’s a good time to stay in and cuddle
But put me in summer and I’ll be a — happy snowman!”

Yes I have 2 girls… :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha I knew it, I’m going to struggle to pick a dragon😐

Hey Shahit! Great name, btw. :wink: I’ll be messaging you shortly via whisper on Twitch, hang tight!

That just means “We have screwed up the spells for 5 seasons in a row, have patience in this season’s screw up.” :joy:

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All look Kool sept the guy portrait

They didn’t always screw up spells

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ok thank you @PGCrisis

Can we at least get a description of what the new spell on the hunter does…


Does anyone know the spells from the stream?

It will be revealed next week before the first event of the new season.