Wintertide Season Preview - Winter 2017


I’d imagine it’s like apophet’s shadow.

Given that his swipe attack power is very dependent on the life of his summon, @PGPulse @PGCrisis @Arelyna, is there anyway you can confirm that his lightning familiar won’t have the same problems following another dragon with summon as apophet and kinn do? It would be a shame if it were able to be taken out by a red mage as @MareZ suggested, after following kinn, apophet or any other dragon with summon warrior.


Nah, the mythic hunter will be really powerful, so despite the branches being… not so stellar… people will still try to go for mythic haha.


Even if was crap, AKA merket, people would go hahahahah

PG should just give us 1 perch level 50, for each Obsidian stone we get from next season. Its where they belong, perch


I don’t have instagram can you post your view on here!! Pleaseeee




Thank you so much


Typical example of why we don’t let low levels design dragons. Bad spells, that might work on low levels, but not at the high up.


They can really make Equestrian something special if they gave her a summoner like dodo. Come on @PGJared you still have time to make this a successful season.


If only Talon Frenzy was changed to Galvantic Overload… Now THAT would be an awesome dragon. Ferga 2.0 and much cooler looking :eyes:


Any consideration to increase the damage on Leos’ lion rage to 35% and include, you know, a rage boost (+50% rage gain?) when it falls below 65% health as the name of the spell would suggest? @PGPulse


Or maybe… Just maybe…

Give him an active skill? Where a Player has to actually think when he wants to use an ability.

The buff Lutrus suggests would help, I’d tweak it a bit but right idea


What would you tweak? Honestly inquiring, bc the thing about the passive is it’s just that, it’s always there (assuming below 65% health), so are damages like 40% 50% really justifiable? Or maybe with such a large heal from the shield, edit: the italicized sentences are incorrect, as he will have his passive even after he heals back up from <65%: he won’t really stay at <65% health for too long and it actually works out. I’d love to hear your input!

I definitely agree that he seems very linear, but I think the balancing act might be where the entertainment might be. Plus it doesn’t hurt to have a few simple dragons when you don’t want to think to much when you fly moderately hard bases. But as I said earlier, if they made some adjustments to the passive to make it more of a high risk, high reward balancing act, it could be entertaining.

What do you think of pulsating damage? Like a warrior is focusing a tower with his normal flame, then (either by tapping the spell or maybe on an interval or fill the flame bar), it deals instantaneous or 1sec of 200%-500%? of normal flame damage. Would be great for dealing with hammer spam and there would have to be some sort of cd (which is why I’m leaning towards filll the fire bar by attacking towers). It can be countered by flaks and storms but would add some skill to flying well.


I think they were onto something with sapphire mechanics for mehaten and apophet

Aka a system where you trigger a condition, well planned, and it does something interesting

What if lions ability was a trigger at set percentages, that makes the next shot do piercing 300 percent dmg for a second or so.

Or some sort of roar ability becomes available. Maybe one where all shots to hit you in next second heals instead of hurts

Etc etc

Just SOMEthing active. I dont think adding x% flat dmg as your health drops is interesting at all.


Yes please… let’s make Warriors interesting and worth taking to obsidian!

You go to all the trouble to create three dragon types… let’s use them all.


I don’t mind having a passive, as most warriors get nuked with mages at the start and have very few options to mitigate that, so having a non rage dependant skill is kinda nice. I totally agree with the different effects at certain x% 's, that would be pretty fun!


I love Leo’s! His look is awesome. Put the gladiator on him and WOW!


Love the idea as usual Gox


This is a fine point, I feel with all of the divines the team has had to pump out that creativity has been lacking. None of the Emerald or Obsidian mythics have anything unique about them, their spells are all present on the legendaries and work the same way on them.

I hope the rebalance won’t serve to make warriors even less interesting (wasn’t aware that was even possible).


Massive damage increase for lion rage should be 150% not 25%. Otherwise Maasive is only little :drooling_face::neutral_face:


Someone got carried away on the hype train xD