Wintertide Season Preview - Winter 2017


You all did an awesome job breaking this down, this thread is a great read.


I would love to see some change in spells, the dragons design are pretty good. Just subpaar spells set.
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Nothing exciting this season. I will probably save sigils for riders , or possible spell changes.


I just hope the two riders includes one with the element being dark, and not fire and air


Grogg was just dark, Hoping for two different elements

What I’m REALLY hoping for, is some more interesting rider skills.

Instead of flat out +x % dmg

Things that have
a) real choices – aka go down path 1 or 2, not just pick up just about everything, except the obvious junk skills like rider xp

  • think more like WoW character builds — fire mage / ice mage / elemental mage blah blah
  • dark priest healing priest blah blah

b) things that make the dragons with their riders more unique - eg. my ferga and your ferga is no longer the same.

Lets say… last skill is “Yin-Yang” – selecting this ability inverts the colors of all your spells, blue becomes red, red becomes blue.

Or some such. We desperately need less monotony, more uniqueness


I’m no newbie, I always save my sigils for the best out of three Divine, but I also have a weakness for how cool Dragons/portraits look. So no matter how lame Leos seems spellset-wise I will go for him, at least as long as he’ll be on discount or I get the portrait I want (I’m a cat person and I actually said the same day of the stream that I would love to go for a catlike Dragon :grin:). But I also love the hellish looks of Equestor and I will get at least his egg, once again regardless of his spellset. Then, my cravings sated I will hold onto my sigils and my trophy Winter Dragons until high levels discover which one is the best of the season.

See, I am not really playing it strategically this season. I will go for what I want most, and we should just follow whatever works best for each of us. I’m confident that I can complete more than a line each season, so this will probably be my strategy for Winter :wink:


Absolutely love your idea for individualized riders, Gox!


exactly what I was thinking


Please no! Oh my that would be absolutely rediculous to code properly and with that many bugs… no. I’d rather not. (I’m talking about Ying yang) as for the riders it’s an interesting concept but riders aren’t that well developed yet so I guess time will tell.


Well Talon Frenzy is definitely Chaos, as Gargula just got this spell with extract essence in place of Chaos, then a few seconds later the Talon Frenzy icon changed back to the Chaos lightning bolt icon. That was confusing, can’t get it to happen again though.


Woah, was it off of ice or fire flak?


It’s a graphical thing that can also happen with steal essence. Depending on the tower that was destroyed, it could be red or white as well. Unless you saw it show one rage instead of just a blue Extract Essence icon with no rage?


That is probably just the “extract essence” spell symbol and happens when the game graphically glitches. Sounds like you picked up havoc but the symbol just changed colors, it used to happen to me all the time with steal essence and i wouldn’t really know which spell i picked up since the SE just changed into a red or blue spell that had the steal essence talon on it.

Possibly what happened?

aaaaaaaand sci beat me to it, should have read further down.
TL;DR Everything Sci said is what i said


Sounds like a horrible season so far based on these dragons. Let’s hope pg makes some changes again.


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Oops! Upon further review of the spell symbols, it was in fact just the Extract Essence symbol (blue spell) before changing to normal Chaos symbol. Sorry for the false alarm it all happened so fast and first time I’ve had it happen to me with either Extract or Steal essence so caught me totally off guard. Sorry for the mistake!


dragon spells are meh… unless they change something… not a single white spell. What would you do if you face mage island as first one?

I will save my rubies and gold chests for next season unless the warrior is good


They changed it! We did it redd… we did it forums!

Lion's Rage - Health %

No change to talon frenzy? … :cry:


I think he’s gonna have a special custom rune that applifies its damage? That and a heal mark rune would make sense :man_shrugging:t3:


I’m hoping for a healing mark glyph instead of a rune. And yes a rune/glyph that enhances talon will be great. I suspect it will be similar to Fae’s chaos glyph - here’s to hoping!

I already have unused legendary chaos and havok runes - why did they have to go and make a different spell? :cry: