Wintertide Season Preview - Winter 2017


Kill the mages and move on?

Like we always do. I’m glad there is no white spells.


It’d be great if they would officially put the information HERE on the official forums, instead of on instatumblrhubbook.


So my question with Equstrion (what ever is it’s name) What is the HP of “summoner?” The regular one Kinnara and Sekronos has.Also what is Dodo guardian’s HP? I think knowing this will help people weigh their options. At least for me


I agree that the HP is important info. Unfortunately, I don’t have that info yet!


Do you think this is is information you can get? @PGJared @PGEggToken @PGEggToken @pgCampusLifer


Apophete’s shadow takes 33% of the damage and lighting familiar is 25% correct? So there is about a 1/4 difference. This is very disappointing because I’ve heard Apophet’s shadow isn’t as great as Dodo’s guardian. Does anyone have an hard numbers they can share?


LF takes 20% damage now :slight_smile:


The updated number is 25% per @ShadowsOfBirds post




Thank you I really thought it said 25% That is even worse yeah Equ is not my dragon


It did xD but it was updated over our hubbub.


Keep in mind that it gives a higher rage regen, though.


I have to see these dragons fly. I was really hoping they would have released more info today. Maybe some videos


They are about to change Apo’s summon though


Really underwhelming spellsets.


They are probably finalizing it before pushing it out formally. I imagine there is still a little debate going on.

For my input.

I think talons should be white, short duration with cool down
I like the changes they are making to Leos
Still iffy about Equestria, but the improvements are welcome.


Equ (The horse) has the white Thunderbolt spell. I read after they released the spell info that it was white, I will look for that info again


They just posted the spell preview post


@Lutrus I was just gonna post that. :laughing:

@RhaegonTarg ^^ White spell. Only one though


BOOO they should change Avyx too. He will be by far the worst hunter above Sapphire. When he is garnet, far back, emerald, worst in Emerald. In obsidian? Worst there too. If his talon frenzy was white or his resist was dark flak, maybe, but he has no solid dmg or lockdown he can use, and even on farms, galvanic is better than this. In any defended attack, he will pop like a balloon without taking out a single tower down. Will have to try and burst a storm tower, and a blue, before he does decent dmg, or storm then flak, etc, it’s a lost cause. So he isn’t a setup dragon, and he isn’t a finisher, what is he? sigh, guess it should have been expected after Gargula and Necryx haha… :confused: