Wintertide Season Preview - Winter 2017


Maybe it’s a way to break the “hunter is always best” mentality? :rofl:


I’d say he’ll be better than icicle in garnet, xenot in emerald, and lumina and the mythic in obsidian. He can still use talon from the turn and one maybe two groups of taps will be empowered before blue kicks in if it’s in front, way more if it’s in the back of 5.
With heal mark runes he has high survivability, with cloak he has even more, and he has a damage amplifier with talon, and it’s very possible there’s a custom rune in his line that amplifies it even more. He’s has a very solid hunter kit. Might not be the best hunter available in the game, but he’s a very solid hunter.


He also looks Frigg’n amazeballs (Avyx)^


I completely disagree. I think Icicle is better, Xenot is better, and Obsidians are all better. (I’m in Obsidian by the way). Nobody above lvl 250 REALLY cares about dragons unless they can contribute to wars. Icicle has a shield that can get it through first flak super shot before blue kicks in, giving it survivability, Xenots screech at least sets up next hunter to be able to relax on first part of island (if he can get it off), and then there are all the obsidians. This dragon might be able to get an empored shot or two off on storm, then die. No lockdown, no white, no shield. Dark flaks will destroy it and it cant do anything. Only trade off for Xenot is screech, or healing mark. And follower dragon probably wont have healing mark runes.

On the flip side, it can’t finish either. Since the spell is 1 rage, it is likely to have at least a second or two cooldown, and coming on farms, it will have to burst all its ammo, and get one down, then is empty. Doesnt have a destruction spell like galvanic. Yes, solid dragon for undefended base and flying to get RSS maybe, but this is definately a “pretty decent” dragon for lower levels, and “not even under consideration” for high. If its frenzy was white, maybe, or if it has some sort of mechanism to deflect dmg, yeah, but as is, no.


Well what could they do to improve it? Still time for change maybe?


Make talon frenzy white. I mean, first off, with wording, it’s just like the dragon is coming down to attack with more dmg, doesn’t make sense to have “Oh no! My talons are afraid of spell towers! Best wait to attack till they are down!”, or give it a isolation type spell “taunt”, that tower deals dmg, while others deal a lot less until affected tower is destroyed. “Flurry of Wings”, make all incoming attacks 70% less likely to do damage during duration. Or for finishing “aerial strike”, at the cost of hp, dives and destroyes a tower (hp dependant on tower level vs dragon lvl, kind of like different gladiator version of galvanic).

Anything to give it finishing capability, or early survivability/dmg.


Any hunter with cloak and healing good my only question is ? Follow or lead who knows


I stand by the idea of just giving him GO. rename it for all i care but it will make that dragon a beast. not to the extent of noct but to the state that ferga was when emerald tier was max. That dragon would take skill GO is one of the most fun spells imo but we haven’t seen it on a divine yet. GO really requires a flier that knows what he/she is doing. This talon frenzy will just be used when coming around corners in hopes of killling off mages before storm ss activate.


That I’d be cool with too! Think that would be pretty good. Haha. Wasn’t turning that idea down, just throwing out other alternatives. Point is, he needs changed.


Full disclosure: I’m not. Just entering garnet. I join, strategize, talk with and actively defend others who are, but we’re talking about how a dragon does in theory, not what tier we’re in.

I agree with you and fully understand that, but this isn’t the crux of our convo. You said he’s worse than any hunter in his respective tier and I appreciate you taking the time to show your reasons why, and I will show why I disagree.

The appropriate level flak can be taken out from the turn using frenzy. Additionally Icicle will probably die from the second flak supershot, and has nothing to regain health if he survives. Meanwhile, the winter hunter will have enough ammo and health to take out the storm and ice and possibly heal off of the monument.

How is xenot getting past the flak in the previous scenario?

With the exception of noc (except hello tetsu’s base) and rhyo, how are lumina and the mythic and the rest of the obsidians supposed to get past the defended flak in the first scenario? Additionally, avyx will have mythic health and attack power when he’s in obsidian, so he can take a few hits and pack a big punch.

I like how you say this, then go use a one rage spell with no cooldown. The spell reveal post doesn’t say it has a cooldown, and havoc and chaos don’t have cd.

Not when it’s mythic obsidian on 50 farms. We’ll have to see about 55 farms though.

I don’t disagree with you that if frenzy were made white, it’d be a little more divine, but as it is, it’s a solid hunter dragon and certainly better than most dragons in its respective tier.


So… if Icicle dies from the second flak supershot, there is no way Avyx lasts even that long first off. Avyx would have to get through a storm tower while trying to survive, and a blue mage before the frenzy even kicks off. On a well defended base, might struggle just getting back the storm with how fast he will drop, at least Icicle can drop it for the next follower. Regarding “has nothing to regain health”, Avyx will have been supershot plenty of times, so he won’t have any rage this first island anyhow. If he makes it past, probably was a weak island or undefended island relative to his level anyhow.

Regarding “How is Xenot getting past the flak”, he isn’t. We are assuming that he is able to get past the storm and red (unlikely) and still have 1 rage, like you were assuming Avyx could get past the storm and blue and still have 1. In that case, both will have next to no ammo, and Avyx’s empowered wont get many off before dying, at least screech reduces the damage they produce for second dragon.

Regarding Obsidians, the hunters all have spells to at least take out an island they are rounding on. Objectively they are even, and he may be better at bursting early on, but the other obsidian hunters are better finishers (and can take on farms more effectively), so Avyx may be better (although he still isn’t great) at taking down the early rounding set of towers, but that isn’t their role.

Point is, he doesn’t have a role or skill set that isn’t covered just as effectively by other dragons. Will he be a better undefended runner than most? Yes, lots of fun for that, but that isn’t really what counts in this game at higher tiers…


My eyes are bleeding, who makes these ugly preview posts?
No proper picture relations, it all looks thrown together and the font looks like someone used a typewriter :persevere:


It’s says right in the picture…


I promised myself this season I would get the hunter but I think my heart is set on Equ. I know a lot of people feel like Avx leaves us wanting more but what about Equ


Go, HM, ice resist and cloak on a Mythic? well thats a little OP IMO. i would love it if it had GO. BUT DAMN. Ferga 2.0

I think the dragon is fine the way it is… Probably not too appealing for those who are not in Obsidian though. As it is very similar to Borg.


Are you actually arguing Avyx is not as good as Icicle and that all the obsidian’s are better than it? Other than Noc and Nec, it looks more promising than all the other obsidians. There is nothing wrong with Avyx except that it is very similar to Borg. At least with Avyx its damage spell has a control element, which wont unsand/vine everything making it more useful as a following dragon IMO.


Thaaaaaaaank you.


It would depend on the base i believe. I think it would be a good lead on a long base heavy with ice turrets. Great follow for Nec or Noc since its damage spell wont unsand everything (problem with Borg).


Does lightning familiar deal damage? If so how much compared to dodo ?


It just kinda chills out in front :sunglasses:

Kidding aside, that’s actually a fair question, as the spell description doesn’t say anything about it attacking or the damage it deals.