Wintertide Season Preview - Winter 2017


Ik it would be OP… i was just drooling over the possibility of another ferga but with cloak :heart_eyes:


And i also thought of an idea for summoned minions… What if they could go all kamikaze on an island and turn into a fireball type attack or (for the lightning familiar) a supercharged thunderbolt. Just a dream, it might be too complex to code so it will probably stay a dream.


Avyx is going to obsidian mythic strength, he need some survival mechanism in wars against lvl 300-500 bases. His role could be a base opener if he can use his spells when facing red and blue mages, but with a blue talon frenzy it is going to be very hard because blue mage blocks the spell very fast, then repairs from defenders, mage supershots, flak supershots will end this attack. As people mentioned earlier, he is not a good finisher, since he doesn’t have death gaze or equivalent mechanism to finish a building with ease. This is not only true for higher lvl i think, but also for mid lvl player who wants to kick some asses in wars. In undefended base avyx can survive, but the sorcerer I think survives better…yeah I don’t feel Avyx is very matching what an obsidian mythic strength dragon should have, and hope for a white spell. I know you guys won’t put a white death gaze on a hunter because it is op, but no white spell is too hard to carry on in the battles


Glad someone else here sees reason instead of being blinded by “Ooh shiny! New dragon, must be OP, even if he can’t take out a single tower!” haha.


Sorry but I disagree. You don’t need to kill red before casting HM most of the time. And Mini Havok will do wonders on a mythic… it won’t be the best dragon… but a good one. Plus most bases are set up heavy with ice… which helps.


How many people do you think will have him at mythic strength? Not me… I wont be in emerald till the breeding event after the next! Necryx is a great example of something that is universally good. I don’t want a dragon that only gets Mythic strength when i’ve either spent thousands or wasted a bazillion years of my life.


I agree. These are supposed to be better than regular dragons. Isn’t that why they are called divine and why we work so hard (and some spend) to get them?


I really don’t think they’re supposed to just be outright better :thinking:. The one that’s supposed to be worth its salt, and never seems to live up to it, is the mythic. Most anyone can get one of these without spending, and everyone seems to expect a game-changer.


Kind of depends where you are in the game. I’ve only been here 2 seasons but dragons from those 2 seasons seem pretty prominent in game. They should at least be a “viable option” in my opinion, maybe not for wars as you want to just take the base ASAP but in general at least


In the past, divines are worst than regular dragons because you can get them without going through the breeding path. Divine saves time!

Then Divines are made stronger and stronger to make player want to pay for them. PG is between a rock and a hard place now. Game will be too unbalanced if divine keep getting stronger.


I respect your opinion, I wasn’t around back when you are talking about, I’m just curious why anyone would work towards season dragons if they were worse than regular dragons


No. Who ever said they were suppose to be better than the normal line? They are bonus dragons. Nothing more


It’s just way different now. Instant gratification of getting a top drag for next to nothing, and white spells oversaturating skill sets. Avyx looks better than Snow at least :man_shrugging:t2:, and you can get a maxxed drag with a branch full of prizes instead of working hard for a crappy blue, harder for a slightly less crappy green, then spending a pile of tokens for a gold that would be seen as useless by today’s standards. Maybe the mythic will be great, I think that’s what the ultimate point of chasing divines should be, not rendering lineage dragons useless.


Don’t call them divine then. Maybe just call them extras :grin:


They can’t make seasonal dragons that are always good if you don’t cater them towards the highest tier at least a little. Otherwise why get any dragon once you have Phas and Morph and Borg? They were awesome AWESOME! No this is basically Borg 2.0

There is not reason to get it unless you are at Obsidian. But just because you arnt in obsidian does mean he is t a good dragon. It is.


Initially it just meant they were rare and only available for a short period of time… since the season thing came out that has changed…


I understand that, I’m still excited about new regular dragons. The best dragon in the game is a “regular” dragon though. I get @MikesGoN2GetU point but I’m not up high I know it’s different, for sure. And I’m not advocating in this case for the little guy I’m just wondering why would anyone work towards season dragons if they were bad. Honest discussion piece I am very aware of how much newer to the game I am and in no way discrediting anyone’s opinion

Edit: If they’re ignoring lineage they’re screwed anyways, won’t be able to evolve their seasonals.


They don’t need too. They can go for a rider if they choose. Divines are about choice. I don’t know why everyone feels they are entitled to an OP dragon every season. If they don’t like them don’t get them. Divines are bonus dragons. But for those of us who have obsidians I believe this hunter is a welcome addition. Way better than the main line mythic. So I will get it. It will be a nice bonus dragon.

What I mean to say is that it makes sense for PG to design dragons for two groups… the new players and the higher tier players. Effectively make warriors and Sorcs to appease the low level guys because they are still useful at low levels. And make the hunter appeal to the highest tier specifically. I understand that those who are in garnet and emerald don’t like this new hunter. It is similar to Borg and therefore useless to them. BUT you are still in emerald/garnet so you have the past 5 seasons worth of divines to use. To us with obsidians we have No use for Borg anymore. So this Borg copy may actually be useful to us. Better mythic than Mafic at the very least.


Like I said it’s different for different folks. Wasn’t trying to sound entitled to anything I have Gargula for god’s sake when I could have maxed Nec and rider instead. Bad choice :man_shrugging: certainly not saying I’m entitled to have anything OP. No dragon should be OP in my opinion


Haha I know. I didn’t meant to imply you specifically sounded entitled