Wintertide Season Preview - Winter 2017


I’m not trying to sound like I’ve been here for years like you have, from the sounds of everything I’d think the seasonals would be a nice bonus dragon for you at your point as you say. That makes a lot of sense.


If anyone has led us into thinking they should be OP it’s PG. I remember getting Tarand at level 40 or something and he blew everything away.


I respect your opinion and it was well written - but don’t you think that in the end PG will screw it up again and either change spells of hunter or just reduce the cost?
If they do so, doesn’t that show us how many ppl love a hunter Who is maybe superior to Aster and snowdrop and thats it?


Maybe… I doubt they will change its spells since it is t OP. And if they reduce its costs whatever, but I doubt it will be since it will be required for the Mythic hunter (9r I guess legendary next tier hunter… as I said. I think it is for the higher tier players and therefore they will get it regardless. So cost doesn’t matter.

We will see what the special season dragon is like…

I sent that prematurely but I’m too lazy to edit it to Make it more clear… you get my drift…


When I started playing the newest Divine was Ormarr.
He was solid, but not game changing. Divines were perfectly fine until the very first season. They were trophies that could burn stuff; they weren’t rendering lineage dragons ineffectual and only the “mythic” (tertiary Divine) was considerably better than the others. My Droy wasn’t even that good, but Dima and Fennrok seemed awesome.

People have been a tad spoiled since Nightshade. The flip side of the issue is that towers have gotten a little insane, and lineage dragons are not keeping up. So people rely on divines (and Noctua) in order to survive these level 55-60 towers… Mafic and Girasol certainly aren’t up to the task.

I would prefer if divines went back to being trophies and/or stepstools to the mythic if it meant the lineage dragons received a massive (and beneficial) overhaul.


It’s also gotten to the point where people are expecting a white spell or immediately dismissing the dragon :see_no_evil:


Yeah, PG is inflating dragons extremely fast with new tiers, mythic stats and white spells :expressionless:


Yep, thats why I think they should add a White Mage. It should however be limited to 1 per base.

It will have enormous beneficial impact on base design strategy and complexity. It adds a LOT of strategy to base design, something that is desperately needed


Why are you always full of great ideas


Dreaming about this since white spells were released :smiley:

We asked PG about it and they said this is not planned but I’m still kind of certain it will come sooner or later :smirk:


People want an iWin dragon and not a dragon that requires skill to fly.


No, people want a dragon that is capable of taking out more than a single tower in bases. I don’t care if he can take out the entire base, or even make it through (Necryx typically cant destroy all, nor Noct). And with the current meta for base designs, with a well defended base, this dragon will pop and die instantly EVERY time, he will be useless and is kinda trash.


Noc can… and defended all dragons pop.


Not true Mike. Noctua cannot get through a high level base defended without dying. Have you seen anyone fly him? He isn’t some “iWin” dragon. What he CAN do is set up a base effectively for followers to have a chance, cripple a few island segments, etc. He survives for a few seconds at least and actually DOES something.


Hmm thats not really true.

I have a few videos where noctua does just great against defended bases.

However its a better flier than me thats flying him.

I’m pretty sure Mike being in NMO, has seen quite a few people fly Noctua, might just be me.


I am well aware of Noc’s Capabilities. My point was that all dragons pop against Max bases when defended. And when not defended Noc, Nec and even this new Hunter will do quite well. Noc can solo them. (Although maybe not since this crazy flak boost occurred)

A good flier can do well on a defended base too BTW with Noc or Nec. We will see about this new hunter.


Mike, I don’t see where we are disagreeing then? I was trying to say we have dragons that can do well on defended bases, this one I am not seeing any way that it can. Other people (from what I am getting) are trying to say that it can do well on a defended base. Purely looking at his kit I don’t see any way that is possible against standard base setups (you know what base setups I am talking about being in NMO).

Your last sentence is what I was getting at. haha.


fair enough, i misread your post a little then. But i do think you are underestimating this new Hunter. Maxed out it will be more damaging than you think, i believe… well unless these Flax keep hitting like they started to last night…


Couple thoughts

PG is a business in an extremely competitive field. In order to survive and thrive they need to generate income while making the game fun.

Divines do both. They keep me engaged, they are not given away but earned. For those not working hard to earn them, they generate income for the company.

In order for them to continue generating enthusiasm and income they need to be competitive for both low and high level players, they need to fill the desires of low spenders and big spenders and they need to add to, but not replace breeding dragons.

This is not an easy task. They will make mistakes with a bunch of unforgiving players. I hope they continue offering good dragons, not just trophies to hang on perches. As long as they give players of all play styles and levels some good options, then they are doing their job.


Where is my snow, my dragons want to build a snowman