Wintertide Season Preview - Winter 2017


:rofl: fyi for the other people genuinely wondering, PGLawson explained on the twitch stream that they wanted to do something other than the usual winter theme and instead took it in the direction of a gladitorial theme (extended to Greek/Roman themes), which took place in the winter. (Lost me on that part but :woman_shrugging:)


yep got that but also the description stated that it would have a base skin with snow and snowmen :grin::christmas_tree::snowman:


Do anybody have an list of what towers attacks Kinnarus dodo first, second and so on? (Blue mage)


First storm, then blue mage, red mage and then attack towers


Thank you, wobei wenn ich mich nicht verkuckt habe kannst mit einen Danke auch was anfangen. :+1:


Das stimmt :grin:


I feel like Avyx needs a buff :thinking: then people would ask for refund of sigils though​:thinking:
A lot of players saved sigils so…idk


Just found this site


Elsa, would you like to build a snowman?
But with firey dragons?


Waiting for the official post for Gladicus and Neptus like :timer_clock::timer_clock::timer_clock::confused::thinking::see_no_evil:


@PGCrisis @Arelyna @pgEcho

Could you make a video and fly with Gladicus and Neptus a bit, just to show a review of there spells as we had before with other dragons? :slight_smile:
Really interested in the spells and how they will work.


Where did you see the names of the missing two, may I ask?


@ShadowsOfBirds 's was getting linked in LINE chats

There was also a note somewhere about spells being previewed on Tuesday.


They should put up an official announcement or something today, not sure what exactly they have planned. Some preliminary info is available through CF channels though. :slight_smile:


UGG… I knew i was going to really like the mythic dragon this season. GDI. Images look great! Thanks for sharing Shadow!


OMG the hunter is beautiful :heart_eyes: I can hear PG’s register… cha ching cha ching :tada: :money_mouth_face:


I don’t care how nice it looks, if it’s the equivalent of Mafic or Girasol I’ll finish Avyx and work on my skiing.

Conversely, if it’s closer to Hau it can be a literal flying trashcan for all I care.


I’m excited for the water idea. I hope it has a great water themed spell. I don’t believe there is one in the game :thinking:


I thought of Hydro Cannon (my favourite Pokemon water attack :rofl:)


as posted in a instragram link :slight_smile: