Wintertide Season Preview - Winter 2017


Yes I hope this “Champion of The Ocean” has a water spell. I’m so excited!!!


Same, but i hope the warrior will be a real warrior :smiley:
Some unique spell or passive would be great ^^


I gave up on warriors. I don’t even look at them anymore because they end up very disappointing.


Warrior…it is released late/no discount. Eq and Avyx nothing “necryx” OP about them. I don’t see any good in this warrior tbh. Only the players that want the mythic will need him.

Mythic…hoping that it is as good as the artwork lol. Water spells!!


So, though I also have a tendency to dismiss warriors, we still don’t know what its spell set is, and divines can also just be used for supplementing gaps in the roster or just for fun.

Edit: Also, I’m actually having the most fun flying Mehaten through invader bases, despite wrapping up garnet tier; there’s no way I’d fly it for any other reason, but games are meant for fun. Laser beam dragon :tada:


PG just release the spells.


You can’t always consider competitive and/or End game player point of view. Most players are low levels and are happy with warriors. Let them have fun too :wink:


It would stand to reason that, with the late release, they would be making the warrior worthwhile for the low/moderate spenders to invest in… A big chunk of the season is already gone, so one would think that PG would do something to entice those who have already gone down one path to spend money to get down this one too/instead.


Using sigils already is a choice the players make. It’s very clear when those earlier dragons are released that there will be more down the road.


Just btw: Wintertide Season - Legendary Warrior and Mythic Hunter Preview


Designs look great, hope there spells will be new and not just recycled ones with new names


And now I need a flying trashcan!


Anyone already know their spells??


Lol, was just going to ask the same question… anyone have a link they can post?


Spells have not been released and won’t be until next week.


It’s element is ice, so I’m crossing my fingers for frozen tomb :hugs::grin:
(Pretty please)


Look again :joy: Avyx is waay op
And please dont give them horrible ideas like frozen tomb on an endgame birdy, otherwise we will be right back at the Merkt Saga.

Already they will have one helluva time to make the mythic better than avyx


White Frozen tomb :wink:


Frozen cemetary😏


Elsa’s Wrath :snowflake: