Wintertide Season Preview - Winter 2017


:joy: Avyx :man_facepalming: is weak…


You’re welcome to your absolutely wrong opinion. Hope anyone with any sense us listening to Gox, because Avyx is very, very strong.


Undefended bases - he’s strong
Defended Bases - not so much


He’s great for defended bases as long as you have the timing down for cloak.

Of corse a good rage drain setup can really only be cracked with a strong lead dragon. Of which avyx would clean up like nothing else.

The main issue (IMO) with the dragon is the runes are actually significant boosts, unlike all of the other dragons very underwhelming runes.

I’m an above average hunter pilot, which is to say there are far better than I, but I’m able to absolutely demolish bases even at a low level if I do everything perfectly.

I’m not sure I’m throwing the OP label at him. Seems like this is how all new dragons should be…


I have Avyx in my alt and he’s taken bases far stronger than he is…mostly bc of cloak. And I’ve defended against Obsidian Avyx and he died very quickly against a lvl 45 Flak. Talon frenzy doesn’t deal enough damage to kill the blue mage, let alone the storm, the the blue mage.

He’s a very good follow up dragon to necryx, hau and Noctua. So is snowdrop then…same spells other than shield and talon frenzy.

Again, he doesn’t have a white spell…but talon frenzy can be used as a white spell bc of the way blue mages work.


I can drop every dragon in the game, but the big ones it’s often due to bad piloting skills

Avyx is a very technical dragon. Many of the bases I die on say it was last defeated by avyx. Avyx is being used successfully every day to take down maxed bases while defended. (With a partner)

The runes are what make the difference here, that and skill.

He doesn’t need a white skill. White spells are the less skillful method to breaking defenses.

There is also a huge difference between obsidian and maxed obsidian. And again. Runes matter so much. Just one level on the mythic improved the stats immensely.


He drops defended 60s just fine


I have Leos on my alt so im not knocking warriors totally but i wouldnt invest in a warrior on my main. I have Avyx and he is a true hunter. He depends on his spells. He isnt worthless and he is fun. Yes white talon frenzy would have been better but like someone said, that takes away the strategy of the game and fun.


Sarcasm? Just had several tries of a maxed Avyx. Just tapped towers didn’t make it beyond 20% and I was alone.

@Gox1201 youre welcome to try it when one of my team mates or myself defend. I’m not even maxed. Just shoot me an ingame message before


Ive seen noctuas shot down on lvl 170 bases, doesn’t mean they cant take better bases.

If the guy cant wing he cant wing, thats his problem.
If he gets shot down on your base with no hammers he definitely has bigger problems (not dissing your base - just stating that a 700m ap dragon that heals really shouldnt struggle.


I’d love to see one who can wing. I’m ready


Thunderbolt which is a white spell. Works just like the red thunderbolt but mages don’t stop it. His lightening familiar is great. Takes damage and dishes it out.


Thanks for the reply but… How old is my comment?:sweat_smile: Probably a month old :joy: I got those answers long ago.

Edit : a month and half old… November '17 :joy: Dragons weren’t even released yet!


Perhaps before blaming the dragon take a look at how your flying can be improved. He’s an extremely effective and balanced dragon; if you can fly him correctly.


@Ebony i was the defender :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:


I think that proves my point. Last attack was clean up with a lv 40 mafic without defending from our side.

Even hades stopped him. :grin:

He used summon warrior and didn’t get more than 46% and heck that guy can fly.

Don’t want to let someone look bad that’s why I blurred it.

Don’t wanna know how it looks like when I’d have all towers at 60. So yeah Avyx is great but he definitely solos not every base defended.


Ofc not, if he soloed every defended 60 then there would be no point to the game.

He has the ability to solo defended 60. Which cant really be said of any other dragon currently.

Not 3 defenders ofc, but with 1 its certainly possible


Avyx is a good hunter…don’t get me wrong. But against a good defended base…he dies quickly. He has no way to avoid the rage Drain…and talon frenzy is useless vs towers who are shielded by the storm tower. If you aim for the storm first, you lose rage…not having access to your spells, cloak and talon frenzy leads to Avyx’s doom. Think about it…necryx can sand the blue and cloak before the supershots hit him.
IMO, Equestor is a little more successful vs heavily defended bases bc she has excellent rage generation and thunderbolt which is a white spell and can be used 3 consecutive times on a strong island. Even if Equestor is outta rage and she doesn’t rely on ammo (as talon frenzy does), the Familiar still can attack. She has a way to heal through Extract Essence.


Just no (no and no for 10 characters)


@Gox1201 I don’t want to argue about that bc we both know that there are TERRIBLE lv 60 towers bases and even worst defenders.

On a well built base with defenders who a) know the base and b) how to properly defend he goes down like a wet paperbag