Wintertide Season Preview - Winter 2017


What dragon doesn’t? Im simply saying he does a better job than most other dragons in game surviving 60s that are defended


I thought Equestor summon could be killed, am I wrong? If he can be killed, then Equestor is more vulnerable after a while in battle…


Equestor/Kinnarus’s summons being killed are a bug from if an earlier dragon has any type of summon, whether yellow (passive) or red spell.

Passive summons can be stronger when storms/mages are disproportionately weaker on a base (or flat out garbage base), but just because they can auto-pewpew down a tower doesn’t mean that you’ll want to use them for wars when attacking higher on a good base. When you see that in wars, you laugh and shoot it down quickly. Most of Equestor’s spells are two rage, and its summon’s power is only 2% of Equestor’s HP.

There are also some really terrible defenders… such as people spamming attack boosts on farms :rofl: so just having defenders doesn’t mean much.


Equestor Summon is supposed to be Invincible and its work is mostly rage generation apart from spoiling setups by lead :wink:
And in-game description doesn’t say anything about it being meatshield. But the website says it absorbs 20% damage. It is something but not significant enough to protect it. From my experience, its offensive machine which can die too quick if DF is protected by storm.


Simply put:

Equestor at expert cant solo lvl60 bases - doesnt even need to be a maxxed base. Thats without defenders. With defenders he is even worse.

Avyx - can clear any base in game currently without defenders, and does so much easier than noctua.

Can also clear bases with 60s with 1 defender, but takes much better flying.

Make of that what you will


Every dragon has a high likelihood of dying on a defended base by more than 1 (2 or 3) with a little over 15-20 lvl 60 towers with a decent layout. Ice turret resist is great… I guess that was the point of doing waves - to get an undefended, or a less defended attack. Avyx is a good dragon, but if we are talking about a win win win dragon… yeah I dunno, haven’t seen one yet.
Plus, soloing is an oversold ideal with a heavy individual heroism involved. This ain’t a Ironman movie. Team sport, team sport. Waves, waves. Avyx is not bad. :see_no_evil:


PGCoffee in one of the streams said that the Lightning Familiar has 5x the HP of Equestor. Not Invincible but with high health. The Dodo guardian isnt invincible too… a support guy told me it had extremely high HP.


Familiar is ignored by towers


Equip invincibility shield or get northern lights from the storm that you are killing and you should be fine…after the blue mage is killed.

Same thing with Avyx, in order to cloak…you need the blue mage out of the way


Vids please.


It’s probably a mistatement of watching the spell videos vs the actual spells being on the blog. :woman_facepalming:

Spells/Abilities Page

Actual Blog


Yes for science I was looking at the comparative that was listed above


SHow those spells plzz u are so late for everything this season .


+1 to that! Its always the same…they always wait at the last freaking minuts to piss their customers off…!


@PGCrisis Can we see the spells? You postponed it a week already. It’s “next week” now.


He said tomorrow. 1 day before the dragons are released, quite the preview lol.


Lol such a preview!!!


I can’t help but to be scanning these forum waiting for release of spells. It is “tomorrow” the day before they are released. Come on now just release the damn spells already… please :pray:t3:


They posted them on instagram