Wintertide Season Preview - Winter 2017


So not to be overly negative, but based on Grogg, I was excited about Kayla… Kayla turned out to be meh, and she came with wind gear (which is great if you have Noc, otherwise not so great at this point).

So then many of us were excitedly waiting on the warrior’s spells… again - meh.

Any info out on when we can be disappointed in the second rider ?


i second this.

When do we get to see the last rider?

might be the only thing of interest after token bonus and first page of kayla


So…a summary of this season so far!
Mythic: Reasonable…
Avyx: Good
Equestor: Good
Leos: Okay
Egg Token Bonus: Amazing!!!
Kayla: Only first page…otherwise not
Second Rider: Last thing left…plz be good!! And when is it going to be released??


Equestor good like Avyx? Really? :eyes:


If someone says Equestor is good you know immediately they are under level 150


Can i ask, with the 3 divines taking them only to platinum evolve could you class them as good? I am a player that can get 1 dragon to Platinum and then decide from there (I am about to enter Gold tier) and have yet to choose which dragon to go for.
I have Necryx to Platinum and Chimerak to Green/gold currently.

I understand most people talk about effectiveness at obsidian but no one really talks about the lower tiers when discussing dragons.


I have Leos and Avyx at Garnet.
Leos has been surprisingly good with his excellent resists, two mythic runes and a 3rd resist attached. I am praying to the Dragon Gods that he isn’t a disappointment later. (I know they can’t all be Necryx, I just don’t want another Anapa)

Avyx took much longer to gain traction. It’s alright right now, I’m expecting it to get better after emerald evolve


Do you mean getting 3 divines and taking them all to platinum stone? I would not do that personally. If you can get enough sigils to do that I’m pretty sure that means you can finish a line.

I bet at your level Equestor is pretty dang good, but long term Avyx is a much better call.

My first season I got Kinnarus and couldn’t imagine a better dragon, now at only level 90 her weaknesses are glaring. She is good for auto-pilot when helping someone with xp runs and is great vs. poorly built/mediocre bases but definitely loses value the higher level you go (using this as an example since Equestor is similar seeming).

Good on you for being patient though! Also don’t take my word as gospel or anything, I’m just offering my low-level opinion.


As CheekyGrinch said, try to keep roughly how many sigils you can get in mind; the further along you progress in a line, the better the other prizes are as well. Dakhunter’s spreadsheet below is great for that:

As you’re about to enter gold tier, if you’ve been researching hunter ammo, that’s also when hunters will start to shine even more, particularly with dragons like Whalegnawer (and others prefer Consurgens). Avyx can be pretty strong and will have more lasting power, particularly with healing mark runes/glyphs. It also just depends on what you want to do; divines also provide an opportunity to do something different, though the dragon might be limited in its uses. :see_no_evil:


I wish i don’t earn enough to get 3 to platinum, I have collected token boost, 1st page complete Kalya and 1750 Sigils in the bank to decide on. I have been looking at Equestor but i am conscious that she probably wont take me that far.
Pretty much trying to decide which would be beneficial up to and including platinum.


Yeah thanks i have been using the season Calc. This will be my second complete season my last was a little messy but i am happy with what i ended up in.
This season i am trying to get myself set a little better for the future.


Do you think you can only get to Platinum? There is still 2 months left in the season. In any case if you can only get to platinum than for sure only go for one dragon. I’d keep being patient and see how much you can save up while you decide. Most of the feedback I’ve seen is for tiers higher than Platinum so I guess it could be different if that’s your limit.


To be honest i think i can get higher that Platinum but i am unsure how high. The second rider could be tempting and i think i would like to stick to 1 dragon and see how far i can get.
I have just been thinking about what @Red has said with her Season plans not to Worry about going more than 2 steps above where you are.

Thanks for the info though


If you’re entering Gold, isn’t that Sapphire you’d be aiming for?


checks game… doh. still happy to go all the way to Plat though.


Did you actually use the runes from his line? I’m tempted to keep for other dragons yet to come. Thoughts?


which dragon? Avyx?


leo’s runes since they seem like they’d add hp to any dragon (i thought)


It does add HP to any dragon


Equestor is amazing if you don’t have kinn