Wintertide Season Preview - Winter 2017


I have Kinnarus up to Emerald Stone, I still haven’t chosen what to do next… I’ll see at the end of the season…


خونه دور عندكم قوة اجيب علي


According to Google Translate:
“Tempted role you have a force answer me”.

So, can any arab speaker help him?


Question (I tried searching, so if it’s been answered forgive me): if a dragon can only equip 2 runes and 3 glyphs, why do the dragon lines have 3 specialized spell runes and 0 glyphs?


Curious if its catering toward individuals whom can’t finish the line, as I had the same thought as well.


That’s what they say, but still doesn’t explain why none of the 3 are glyphs.


Does anyone know whose in charge of dragon design and whatnot from PG? If someone knows who, please tag them.:pray::pray:
Coz I wanna know why neptus is expert at lvl 55, but moonfang is expert at lvl 65?!?:exploding_head::exploding_head:
In game support kept giving me the same crap about not having the right info from the devs​:man_facepalming::man_facepalming::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


This season the dragon stats are different. Level doesn’t matter, attack power does.


Yes, but why the big 10 lvl difference?
Just wanna get a clear explanation why is all.


Bet ya $20 Neptus won’t stop at 55.


New tier imminent, they will probably give him a few extra levels then


My understanding is that Moonfang was for a while capped at 55, but the dragon was under performing, so they added levels to him and the 3 mythic obsidian dragons. (He is weaker than Chimerak at 55)


Yea hope they add the next tier stone to it also :crossed_fingers:


Exactly my point. If you can’t get to the 3rd (which is where the glyph was located), and it’s your first divine, you are playing this game wrong. If it’s beyond the first divine, and you can’t get to the 3rd runes current location, you aren’t gonna get to the obsidian stone anyway so it’s a terrible reason.


@Arelyna maybe we can get clarity on why PG took away the glyph from season divines lines and have 3 runes instead. Seems like a waste to get 3 runes with only 2 rune slots.


I think it is valuable for beginners to have that option of where exactly they would end the divine line. There is no point in getting Obsidian stone if ye are still at breeding green dragons. Most likely ye will play the dragon till Platinum and by that time a new bunch of divines would have arrive. Hence it makes sense also to have two lesser runes for beginners to be able to achieve and still enjoy flying at their level.

Achieving the first page for beginners would be good achievement. I would recommend second page if ye are willing to invest for future. Concentrating on one would also makes sense. I recommend getting the rider and finishing it off as it is a good investment considering it can be transferred from 1 dragon to the other.

If you are willing to invest in this game by all means. Divine dragons come and go, and you only need a bunch that will carry ye throughout the season. Fly true fellow dragons.



Am I missing something? Is there a level requirement for equipping glyphs? If so, it’s not very high. Don’t see the need to offer 3 runes?


You don’t make sense. What is the issue in offering a mythic glyph, so that all 3 runes/glyphs can be equipped on same dragon? Please understand what other players are asking for!


What are the chances the 2nd rider comes with this weekend’s event?..any chance the armor is earth?


Neptus gets the Harbinger stone on the 24th, so it’d make sense that the rider would be out then too, but who knows? We’ll see soon enough :smiley: