Wintertide Season Preview - Winter 2017


24th is NOW! (I’m in Aust). Gimme NOW!!


Will the second dragon rider be released during this week event ?Or is it planne to be released later in february?


I am just saying here that not everyone may opt to finish or even get mythic glyph/rune. You will probably use the two strongest that you get.
If you managed to get all 3, just salvage the weaker one to rune dust to upgrade your other runes, what’s the big deal considering you can claim mythic glyph/rune.


We want all 3 usable, is it wrong to ask for all 3 equippable runes/glyphs simultaneously considering we work our ass off for those?


What’s the BIG DEAL?! Lol!
Good grief, why do people have a problem with us asking that we can actually use the prizes that we have won?!? :joy:
Why would you think we’d be happy with being able to salvage one for rune dust?!? That’s like throwing it away?
I just don’t get people arguing against this. It doesn’t hurt you to make one of them a glyph.


If ye read my first post, I was viewing things from a beginner’s perspective. I am not against having 2 runes and a glyph, that would be ideal. We should get a legendary and mythic rune + a mythic glyph for all our efforts.


From a beginner’s perspective, why can’t you use a glyph? Why does it have to be a rune?


I am level 67 for god’s sake stop assuming things. Why would i try for mythic and what would be my motivation if i know that i anyway can’t equip all three?


Wow and here I am trying to give advise to beginners on choosing wisely what to go for when you’re on a budget. By all means it is your choice and I sincerely hope you enjoy flying your dragon until your level cap.


That’s a good question, Yo PG guys, how come ye do not give us 3 glyphs instead?


Its like you work for PG and don’t want nice goodies for f2p and e2p only players


Hilarious, it’s what ye get fer trying to be helpful


You are clearly being pessimistic, i don’t have intentions of criticizing you or insulting you considering I don’t even know you.
But its simply illogical to not try for higher rewards if I end up choosing one dragon line.
You should already know that rewards per sigil increase when I keep going further in a seasonal dragon line. Stones are not the only target for those who select higher lines. For me, primary purpose would be to get better rewards per sigil. So in the middle of those rewards, If i have to spend 700 sigils for a mythic rune and throw away an epic rune which i got for 200 sigils for mere 6500 rune dust. I want to know how you are saying its not better to have atleast one glyph out of three.
Considering your experience is much higher than me, i think that’s being opposite of helpful while your intentions may be right.


Do what ye like, I’m done being helpful. Enjoy yer ride, ye earned it.


So maybe i am alone here BUT… it would be nice if they added a stone to ALL of this seasons dragons since the new tier was released so early into it… and make it so Neptus STAYS mythical for next tier… Thoughts?


PG went on record of saying they intentionally used runes so you couldn’t deploy more than the best two. It was a limiting mechanic. The third rune was a gift for players who normally don’t collect the mythic to use with the legendary.

You can, why do you have to use all 3 things on the same dragon? Why can’t you accept that the third rune is essentially a freebie. It’s intention was to provide balance for those who couldn’t afford collecting the mythic rune. The addition of the 3rd rune was given at no additional cost. You can just as easily consider that the mythic is discounted by the cost of the epic, which it’s all relative…


A gift that we have to pay for haha some gift. It’s not a freebie when we’re spending sigils on it. And yeah if you have Borgian and Equestor that might be useful (I have neither of them), but who are you putting Avyx’s 3rd rune on? And why would someone want to waste that precious rune slot on 1% health for Leos rune?

I don’t get it. Hard to call something we pay for a freebie, though, imo.


While technically you spend sigils on it, the line was kept at the same cost, meaning the cost came out of something else. (The mythic)

You can view is as the Mythic is discounted by the cost of the epic, and the epic costs you not very much

The gift is in allowing a third rune which can be used outside of the one dragon it’s Line was for

Well. As I said it doesn’t really cost you more unless you aren’t claiming beyond the mythic, and if you don’t do that then it might be better than nothing.

Some of the free to play players I know have maybe 1 rune on their seasonals sometimes and would love that 1%


@Arelyna @PGCrisis when is the new rider coming out? Can we at least get an indication please? This season? Or next?


Again, why are you arguing against having 2 runes and a glyph? How does that harm you?