Wintertide Season Preview - Winter 2017


aren’t we getting it in exchange for something else that would be more widely useful?


The next rider will definitely be coming out during this season.


During this season or during this event?


it would be really nice to know.

so far this season is completely meh, and it is actually impacting what i do this season. When there is nothing i want in the season why should i care about events. give me something to look forward to hopefully.

already done the egg bonus and first page of kayla.

rest of it no interest with the rune dust shortage. sitting on over 25k sigils.

getting to the stage where i should just take the rest of the season off, and save consumables for next season.


During this season. Not this week’s event.

Wintertide Season Second Dragon Rider

I’m not necessarily against it, but pg has to occasionally limit things. Take thunderbolt for example. If you have +1 chain and make it only available in runes, you have a maximum of +2 chains. If you put it in glyphs it’s +3, and if it’s in both you open the door for +5. Now +5 would be a real problem.

Pg has to balance the game and protect against unintended purposes. We are clever folks who will find any and every avenue or creative use (exploitation)

My point is that you didn’t really lose anything so you are just coming off as throwing a temper tantrum. The third rune is still valid. Sometimes for theoretical future dragons only. If it cost you nothing, why do you take a gift to small players and try to corrupt it? Just let it be.

Now I do think there is a desperate problem with glyph availability. Which should have been in seasonal lines, but they have put some in runic chests and I think are signaling a change in direction where things work differently.

But I’m not against glyphs I just see why they did it how they did, and it’s not costing anyone anything to get it that way.

No. Not necessarily. The number of items claimed also changed when they readjusted the season lines. Maybe an argument going forward if they take a slot and use it for something most people don’t want. It’s more like
It was provided differently. Not having those option forks or the seasonal lines changed a lot of things and I think for the better. It has mostly provided more choice and better value. And it’s helping smaller players which while im not one, I favor this


*Begins sharpening pitchfork*

Only kidding, but in all seriousness this last minute surprise with no notification is not better than setting a bad expectation. Communication is lacking. (surprise level 60 farms)


I understand. The level 60 farms not being communicated was unfortunate, and I am really sorry that that happened.


okay, seemed that while the total cost of the branch is similar (slightly less maybe) I haven’t taken the time to see if we get similarly valued “stuff” or if better or worse so wasn’t sure.


It is possible to find a negative light to view it in. I don’t want to point that out as I believe the changes are better for everyone.

The total cost of the full line remains exactly 25k. (To collect max stone for a dragon)

To become a negative Nancy you could talk about only discounting the first half of the rider page, or lack of optional branch, or the value of collecting partial branch above a line but below another.

I however see it provides more choices and flexibility and I really like how egg token line is it’s own thing now. Also let’s not discount how nice the new UI Is. I started playing when siguard, nightshade, and skarr were released and the UI confuses me to the point of never claiming a dragon. (I cared less back then too, but you have to admit this is a huge step forward).

I also like how portraits no longer cost (beyond the potential slot space value which is new and relative)


Don’t get me wrong. I actually benefitted from this and knew right away because I read about it on the forums. I would not have thought to check if I could upgrade them had someone not said something.

It was just an example of what I considered poor communication.

I imagine a lot of wars are happening where it’s
Impossible to get 5 flames due to immortal farms. And of corse people are upset that some instant kill spells are no longer instant kill. I view that as good, but I also view the change as poorly timed and poorly communicated.

I probably shouldn’t complain because at least there was a new content pop up. But I think it maybe is thin ice to skate on when you don’t want people using things like the forge glitch (now patched) but you send stuff out silently
In a “guess what I changed” way. It is impossible to know what is intentional when there is no communication.


I wasn’t trying to cast anything in a negative light nor complain about anything. I was simply offering one possible other perspective to what the other player was saying about having three runes versus two runes and a glyph versus two runes and dust versus etc…


Since new tier was added middle of season, will PG change all the 3 main dragons into pure mythic obsidian Stat? (Not legendary obsidian but with mythic stat
This had happened before during the Zamrok, season so please make it happen again


Where did PG say this, can you quote it please?
Also PG had released glyphs in season branches before, so this is clearly a step back and not very well received by the community.


It was in the preview stream that PGCoffee talked about allowing too many Thunderbolt bounces, and the epic is for people who don’t get as far in the season lines. The third one could still be a glyph, though, but :woman_shrugging:


So there is already only 6 events left for the season if the rider was released this event. Since it is not lets say for arguments sake that it will be released next event. That’s 5 events to max the line. That would require 5K sigils per event to finish the line. This is only attainable to spenders and thus a waste for the majority of players in the game. Thanks for telling me now so I don’t waste any more time waiting for it.


Have you thought about just saving ur sigils until it’s released. Nothing wrong with hoarding sigils. You don’t have to be a spender to max it in fives weeks. Just save ur sigils now.


Then you don’t get to use the prizes to be able to obtain more sigils. That’s the problem with hording sigils.


or better yet just give us the Harbringer stones… legendaries. (keep Neptus Mythic)


Its true…that is the rough part of hoarding sigils. It is pretty easy to use those rewards quickly once you get them though, or you can save them to get a good jump into the beginning of next season.