Wintertide Season Preview - Winter 2017


Ok…wow. I’ll just let that be the last word. lol


“You” have lost no value, but were give more. “You” are insisting the more be better.

How is this not looking a gift horse in the mouth? The gift doesn’t have to be good to be a gift.

Arguing that “you” feel entitled to it or “you” want it, is just disincentive for PG to give us stuff.

To be fair I wasn’t personally aiming that at you, that you is intended to include a large group of people who are insisting they be given more.

I’ll concede that pg has failed to maintain expectations and perception on this.


Hard to make the third one a glyph if they need to avoid crazy stacking. But it could have been for a different spell then we could have a glyph :man_shrugging:


Nah. Harbinger stone for the 3 main ones will be too much :joy:


Why? Obsidians can’t even kill farms currently without deathgaze. This is stupid.


Maybe you are. But this lack of communication keeps on happening. It’s beginning to feel intentional.


OK i’m glad your sorry i guess. But are they functioning as planned? Their HP seem astronomically high. Was this just an attempt to create demand for Neptus? (the best dragon to kill these farms).


Only 37 more days. That’s 5 events not counting this one I think.


Wow PG is smart…Force whales to get Neptus just for farms🤦‍♂️


That “for people that don’t get that far on sigil lines” answer sounds pretty bad. They push out so many divines and now riders to care about where people make in in the sigil lines. They are yet to release the second rider bc I would gamble they want players to have to buy super sigil chest at the end of the season to keep spending going, so that type of logic doesn’t compute.

I hope this doesn’t seem like I’m saying this is your fault, but you post is the first place I’ve seen this info and I’ve been asking about 3 runes and no glyphs thing for a bit now. With 3 glyphs it means good bye to specialized spell boosts for divines, which seems more like what PG want but do not just come out and say. Anyway, thanks for the post! I can stop asking.