Wintertide Season Second Dragon Rider

So we have 1 more month from the curent season and still the second rider was not released yet.When will this happen?

Pretty sure there isn’t a second Wintertide rider. I might be wrong though

You are.
This was posted last event:

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How come?
On the streams they confirmed there will be a second rider wich will be dark element.
This is what i recall from previous streams.
I also remember everyone asked if its going to be soon and crisis stated that will bebut not like next week or so.

Can you send me the link please or attach a full image ?

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Sorry for posting it directly withouth linking(dont know how to do that).

Most logical answer will be a week before the super sigils chests come out so they can sell the heck out of those. PG is called quite stupid in many posts, but they have these money pits set up perfectly. :rofl:


Hopefully not
I wished it was released earlier

I’ve been ready. I just think that’s how PG will do it. We will see I guess :man_shrugging:

also wondering if there is a community dragon this season.

No, the second rider replaced the Nydryr/Anuba-type dragon.

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