Wisdom rune worthy?

What the use of wisdom rune?

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It helps you get xp on dragons faster


Means when we attack a base we get a bar showing the progress?

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That bar shows how much xp you have and how much you got, so I guess yeah


What RuRu said: it increases the XP that you gain from battles, which helps you level up dragons quicker. The best rune doubles your XP gain.

Also do you not have a team to ask these very simple questions?

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By his question it would mean he is quite new to the game. New players normally join bronze or silver leagues as thats what gets offered at level 6. Those leagues are like a cemetery.

Which is why those leagues should be abolished.


Definitely not a new player. He’s been opening threads extensively on quite simple questions, hence why I asked.

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Hello again, @StormRiderOP!

Thanks for your eagerness to learn the game & for using the forums in voicing out your concern! It’s a bit overwhelming for new players, I KNOW! We’ve been in the same shoes (for sure)!

If I may, I think pretty much you can find the answers to your concerns & queries about the game (at least for the basic parts) through this WEB created & carefully curated by @Morreion . Go help yourself & explore please! Here:

Specifically for your concern above, once you get to the link leading you to the website… go to RUNES (as highlighted in yellow)…

Type WISDOM under the “name” searh box to sort quickly & specifically & there you go! The information you need will appear there! The abilities of the runes (circle in shape, check in game pls) & glyphs (diamond in shape) vary depending on the rarity (common, rare, epic, legendary, mythic, exotic). Beginning Epic type of runes / glyphs you’ll be granted with 2 abilities: Primary ability will grant you a default (certain) experience gain increase %, while the Secondary ability may vary accordingly.

Hope you’ll find this useful & helpful! Good luck & be patient! :green_heart:


Your title says “Wisdom rune worthy?”, although I have not seen an answer to that question throughout this thread thus far, so allow me:

I am assuming you were inquiring whether or not you should use a wisdom rune. If that is what you were asking, then it depends on which state of the game you’re in, as well as how difficult (if difficult at all) it is for you to accumulate XP. If you find it difficult to do so, a wisdom rune would not be entirely useless (just ensure that you have enough chisels to remove it, should you ultimately decide to once the dragon is leveled to your liking).


For you it may simply…but not for me. I restart playing after a long time. I need rune dust to level runes. I have around 20+ wisdom don’t know how i got. To take some one advise i posted in forms.

If you don’t want to answer just ignore. PG may have big database to store ppl silly questions.

Thank you very much seems very useful

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Make sure to use your daily multipliers for xp (there is a 5x/4x/3x multiplier for the first 3 runs each day for each dragon) to help level your best dragons.

If you’re still struggling to level up your dragons then the wisdom rune may be useful. You can still equip the rune at level 1 which won’t require any rune dust and you will still get some bonus xp, but of course if you have spare rune dust then upgrade it for an even bigger bonus.

Another way to get bonus xp is through the dragon missions - those don’t cost anything and generally are complete within a few hours so this could be a good source of xp.


You’re welcome! Glad you find it useful! A bit of a refresh & you’ll eventually relearn those stuffs, for sure!

Back in 2015 when I first joined & played this game I didn’t get the support that I was looking for then in terms of understanding & learning stuffs about this game! And that made me quit after a couple of months playing & not really knowing & understanding completely a single thing, wandering over at global chats & talking to random kids there lols! It was quite overwhelming for me then! Eventually I rekindled my love for the game & found my very first team that helped me a lot! My leaders then was a couple in RL (Boss Kitty & Sir Dragonairy, miss you guys!), but sadly the team today is now inactive & only stays up there as a resting place for players who wanted some pause & break from playing. Glad to note that it’s soo easy to learn things now about WD! Thanks to the collective efforts of some very exceptionally passionate individuals who generously devoted their time in creating tools, spreadsheets, video tutorials (& tips) both for new & seasoned players, and continuously improving / updating those resources! The hard work is incomparable really!

Again good luck & enjoy the process of relearning! :green_heart:


Need a team that can help you with your return to the game? :eyes:

If you have more questions I also have a resource chat in game for new-ish players. Message me if you want and I’ll add you.


I want to help you, hence why I actually did answer the question.

I’m just questioning that you don’t have a single teammate that can help you with this? Only asking because your team should be your first people to ask. If that’s the case, I strongly recommend finding a better team. It’s crucial to have a strong team as support in this game. I’m sure there are many here who are willing to take you in and help you grow in the game.

I’m happy that you came back after a long time though, that’s exactly what happened to me. I came back after 3-4 years of “quitting” too.


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