WISH : Looking for Dying Atlas Team to takeover

Looking for dying Atlas team to takeover and migrate my entire team over. Hoping to get Atlas through this taking over method.


  1. Going up to Platinum league no longer guarantees Atlas.
  2. Losing members to Atlas enabled team.
  3. Giving a chance to the rest of my teammate to experience Atlas as a new gamemode.
  4. Even tried for Atlas lottery to get it but failed.

Details of my team:-
Name of my team - ValorDracarys
League - Hovers between Gold 1 and Plat 4
Members - 45
Activity Level - 80+
Created - 2016-11-24

Contact details:-

  1. LINE ID - john.wfs
  2. WD ID - foosun

Good luck with that. You might get a team with Atlas willing to take you in and make you an officer. But just hand it over to you.

Thanks for your kind advice. :smile:

Wouldn’t have gone this route if I haven’t seen others successfully obtained Atlas this way.

It’s a few months old now, but if you want it, I’ll be happy to pass along my list of defunct Atlas teams that seemed situated for takeover. I hate seeing people denied access to Atlas because of a stupid decision by PG.

…not that I wouldn’t welcome a bunch of recruits to my team, but I know that’s not your goal.


Hi @Aeana,

Thank you for taking the time to reply here. Our feelings regarding Atlas accessibility to War Dragons players is definitely mutual. :smile:

Would appreciate all the assistance I can get in securing a dying Atlas team - do share the list via PM or other communication channel you prefer. Can’t leave any stone unturned. Lol.

Thanks again for your help.

Still looking for that disbanding/dying Atlas team to takeover.

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