"Witch Hunt" for Cheating

I have a general question and would love to see how the response is viewed. My general understanding of the term “Witch Hunt” relies on the idea that people are falsely accused and used to promote mass panic. None of those accused historically, as far as we know, were actual witches. That is clearly not the case here though. Plenty of the people who were shown to be doing so were later banned. If PG does not want it to become a “witch hunt” then please create a system to actually stop it because incorrectly labeling it that makes no sense. It is, by definition, NOT a witch hunt?

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I’ve seen plenty of people accusing others of cheating in LC when it was just a bug or they were just salty that they lost a fight or something. If the masses start posting about hackers there would probably just be a lot of time lost and people would start arguing over “im not a hacker” “you are a hacker” bla bla bla…

Just let PG do their thing and look for hackers on their own :man_shrugging:

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Might I suggest, @PGJared to hire some ethical hackers to help out on finding the cheaters and black hats(this is a term for malicious hackers or hackers who play unfair in gaming terms and in real life terms) more easily and quickly. It may be pricey but it could possibly help out a lot.

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I’m aware of the term.

Your suggestion has merit, but that’s way above my pay-grade. I’ll suggest it to the team.


Hopefully you guys can work something out like this or something similar! Good luck and may the ethical hackers be with you!


I suppose it’s more like the Communist hunts back in the 50’s, because yes, some of those people were in fact communists.

That being said, the paranoia factor is really, really annoying. I’m not being paid by PG to QA their game, so I refuse to report every glitch I see, nor do they want me spamming their already flooded support system with them. And enough things happen where I have no idea whether it’s a bug or feature… Egg tokens dropping for a few weeks there? Feature, glad I didn’t report it. Armory still giving free bronze chests to me, possibly more than 5 since event end though I can’t be sure because the text that told me how many I have left in the old Armory is gone? I dunno. The egg mission timer reset that I THINK I’ve seen every now and then? I dunno.

Basically have gotten to the point where I’m going to do my best to play fair, not do anything intentionally against the rules, and if I get banned, well, it was just a game. I’m not going to screenshot everything and play looking over my shoulder all the time. Makes the game not fun.

I understand why PG is mysterious when it comes to bans, but they’re not great at communicating what we’re SUPPOSED to be seeing, which makes it harder to point out what we’re seeing that’s not right.

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It’s not a “witch hunt” when pg has consise and specific details, but still does nothing … just sayin :woman_shrugging:t2:

Burn em at the stake.

Just sayin

You have a ready resource who is both in the GPF and the Atlas preview group. I hear he’s being taken more seriously now so :crossed_fingers: I hold out some hope.

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I always thought the emphasis was on hunt and not witch.

I believe when PG says they don’t want to start a witch hunt for cheaters they are saying they don’t want to create an environment whereby fear of being labeled a witch exceeds enjoyment of most players.

The emphasis is on the hunting. It creates an “us” and “them” situation. Similar to many other parts of history. (Within the US in semi-recent history, this was done during the Cold War where even being accused of being a communist could result in a situation where the only way to survive is to name other communists. Feeding a viscous cycle where there are far more false positives than actual positives. And the system served less to find communists and more to cause fear and panic and self regulation/control)

I think we can all agree we don’t want to play a game where the mere accusation of cheating results in consequences regardless if true.

Cheating is a very serious issue. It’s also impossible to stop. But it is also impossible to ignore.

No matter what anyone does people will always feel they went too far and others will feel they didn’t go far enough.

It’s simply not practical to expect a game bear the burden of proof to each and all players. Players will never be satisfied. Someone caught red handed will always try to convince everyone it wasn’t deserved. Some types of cheating will be controversial. (Forge glitch and foreign currency purchases as examples)

As we should all be used of by now, we live in a world that is not black and white. In the same way that any store can refuse business to anyone without reason, PG has the same rights, like it or not. I know most feel entitment due to a perceived “investment,” but on paper there is no such investment. Vote with your time and your money. If you don’t want to see a game with (as much) bugs and rampant cheating, let your consumer choices reflect that.

The hunt part is clearly the case as it’s impossible for anyone but PG to know who cheated. Even the most blatant cheating can be horrible bugs/coincidences or pg employees abusing tools, as unlikely as it may be.

But it is the case here seeing how this is referring to the hunt more than the presence of “witches”

In other words, a witch hunt can happen both with plenty of actual witches to catch as well as with none. The emphasis on the term is with the way people hunt.

Not really relevant here, but this is actually false. While the existence of spells/magic is not provable, witches do exist, and some were caught. I’m sure the false positives far exceeded true positives, and the hunt in general was likely unjust and wrong, but Witches have always existed in many forms.

I’ve no doubt some people who didn’t deserve it were also banned and either didn’t appeal or failed to appeal. It is an unfortunate consequence.

While I agree that prevention is the best weapon against cheating, I also know that the most secure games still have more cheating than we would be comfortable with. Sadly this game (and every mobile game that i know about) are built in a way that makes them more cost adverse, and portable, but sadly less secure. There are however some easy ways to make some of the cheating much more difficult.

Again gotta disagree, public outing of cheaters is exactly what the essence of a witch hunt is. Again defined by the hunting behaviors and not what is being hunted. Basically mob mentality, setting suspicion upon anything and everything that feels wrong or unfair or is in some cases just disliked.

(Remember how having cooties was, anyone and everyone could declare anyone had them, and it was a serious social stigma at that age)


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