With all the current account issues

Perhaps we could be given the opportunity/choice to lock our account with an ID such as state or local issued, rather than the current way. Should make the support company have an easier time identifying individual. *Note i said choice.

How would that even work?

No idea, but something has to be better than losing more players for support not having proper tools at their disposal. Ive heard so many horror stories, and witnessed a few as well…I know people leave its the cycle of games, but in this late stage I would hope they would keep, want to keep possible players/customers than lose more…to easily avoidable things. New blood isnt exactly banging on the doors, dare i say there are fewer teams with new blood than there are with alts.

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In all honesty they’ve already nearly given up on the game and are just waiting till the game crashes and burns heck I’m already there

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Unfortunately ive heard that from many as well, but I do still enjoy the game…Im just trying to make it last as long as I can…guess im greedy that way. Plus I havent found a suitable replacement !! Im hopeful, possibly to the point of ignorance.

To be honest, most of the ban stories I’ve heard is more about cheaters who cheated got banned and started lying about what they have done just to get their account back and probably to cheat again. :joy:

But if the bans weren’t justified for real, I’ve also seen bans being lifted a few times. So… :man_shrugging:t2:

As far as I know, accounts with effy logs get flagged for further investigations. When employees can spare time to check on them and approve that it can’t be done through actual gameplays, they issue bans.


I see. That would make sense, about some

If you search up a little, you’ll find that there have been some cases where cheaters thought they could lie and incite other players to back them up in their attempts on getting their accounts back.

Red names showed up and cleared things up. Telling us what the cheaters have done vaguely and said that they got what they deserved.

End of story. :joy:

Like said, most bans share the same process.

Suspicious action in game → account gets flagged → devs investigate and determine legitimacy → decision on issuing bans.

So unless the cheaters have somehow hacked into PG’s auth and issuing bans to other players with employee auth, all bans are legit bans.

I said most bans up there instead of all, because of the comparatively recent ban that was issued due to false admission as a joke in LC of D league. :crazy_face: Which still was a legit ban, but it was just a bit silly and very funny to call it legit.


People take the game too seriously and I do that most the time instead of just getting mildly offended by those jokes I won’t tattle on people if I’m either in a good mood or don’t feel like it I can let those people off with a warning of “don’t joke about something like so and so”

Well, PG then made it clear not to falsely admit that you are underaged to play or that you are cheating, not even as a joke, as they said they will accept that as a good enough proof to ban your account when reported. :man_shrugging:t2: At least, that’s how I remember what they’ve said about it.

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That and account sharing is probably somewhere on that list.

The problem is even with the account sharing or people “buying and selling accounts”. Even with “proof” of such things. Several of them still walk around.

Not like I’m being some snitch but I know if two people in particular I’ve reached out about and they still play to this day… you can easily script or frank someone’s account and see the name changes and tell of certain red flags on players in general. It’s unreal.

However, I could voice I’m selling xxx and get banned on the spot…. Or maybe it takes time. With the amount of logs they have access to. Say for instance logging in one location then another 18 hours time different would flag in the system. PoGo (Pokémon Go) had cracked that from the get go. Can’t really spoof with WD but ideally it’s the same thing. But then it revolves back to the VPN’s and so on.

The problem I would see is a breach in security. Every company in some form always has a security breach of personal information. Although I’d be on board for adding additional ways to lock my account.

Possibly even Face ID.

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I helped someone in one recent case where the ‘suspicious activity in game’ turned out to be completely incorrect. A long term, decently paying, honest player was banned because the ‘server detected’ a dragon that took no damage.

The player never got that dragon. It wasn’t in their account although they could not log in to check for themselves, they asked PG to check. The ban got reversed.

I also know several other players who got banned and never found out what they were supposed to have done, and never got reinstated. So the fact that PG did investigate and did unban this recent one is a small mercy.

Know your players, and work politely with PG to uncover the reality.

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Like said above, there have been cases that ended up with the bans being lifted.

It just means they re-investigate upon request. Another justification for me to put my confidence in them rather than in randos when it comes to these matters.*