With every update game becomes worst

it is amazing how every time you “fix bugs” you make this game worst.
I am losing resources on an attacks when I shouldn’t . I have boost production on but that does not add any protection. Worst part, what I lost today I shouldn’t have even in normal production
Yeah,yeah yeah, I should create a useless ticket, blah blah blah
Really?, never seen a company in this vallley that does what you guys do. You’d be out of your jobs in a real company

Worse*. Worst is the worst it can be come. Worse describes the progressional degradation of the quality of the updates.

I’m just waiting for an update to make our accounts to something that triggers an autoban and the entire playerbase gets banned. Good luck with those tickets :rofl:



what you describe is not a “new” (undocumented feature) bug.

sometimes if you keep connected and harvest from your mills regularly protection/production boost actually works. (sometimes)


Let me get this: because it is a known bug I shouldn’t say anything? Or because it is a known bug my post is redundant?

Sometimes people should just not comment on other peoples post just to defend ineptitude. In the other hand, it really proves my point at the uselessness of PG so call “bug fixes”

I guess there are people who are content with crap

Neither, just seems like you thought this was a recent issue. Knock yourself out and post all you want mate.

edit - and to my “and” comment, you didn’t ask a question, so what are you looking for on the forums? sympathy? you have it.


Captive audience :man_shrugging:

Hive mind?

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Perhaps :eyes:

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