Withermoon contest prizes..?

Hey all, players that participated in this contest and won, have you received your prize…?

No. I PM’d Arelyna though. I assume she’ll respond on Monday.

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It’s the holidays so their most likely not on till tomorrow.

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I messaged them as well with no response. I super excited. Whatever their cooking must be good! (Writhing hands together). I never win anything! I’m guessing it may be a lifetime supply of chocolate. :joy: I’d like to see the responses to my questions and the others asked, but can’t find them. War Dragons world… ‘cus of health issues I’m just happy to be alive. This was a cherry on top. God Bless you all, each and every one of you :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile: Enjoy all victories big and small.


I was able to talk with Arelyna about claiming the prizes. She said that the in game prizes will be given this week. (Assuming you’ve contacted her about it.)

Nothing yet. Sent a follow-up with no response so far. Patiently waiting…

I participated in the Twitch stream for Galgrim and my lore was one of the featured 10. No rl prizes, just in game rewards for now. It’s cool that it’s the holiday season and the staff who set this up are busy, I was just a little perplexed to find no updates and no follow up info on when the swag would be shipped. Just bringing this up cause it seems a common issue with recent contest winners.

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