Withermoon Limited Time Branch Official Discussion

Please ask questions and discuss the upcoming Withermoon Limited Time Branch:

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any good runes for invokers please :stuck_out_tongue:


This couldnt have been announced yesterday when the event was announced? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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Since when is that ever how it works


No. They wanted people to blow all their sigils before announcing it. Nobody will spend for it if they just save their sigils.


Wish we could get glyph options too.


Given that this isnt something new and thus didnt require a blog post, information like this is usually given to the CF to announce alongside the weekly event on Mondays

Which is do you think are best ??? The HP or ATTACK FirEFLAK exotic rune to get???

Hp is the shiz nits


Ok i will go for the HP…ive got the dark flak HP last time…thanks

They still haven’t fixed that artwork, the number XVI (16) is still considered bad luck in WD…

Fire flak, I’ll pass, especially so early after the discount when people would rather go for the token boost if they haven’t already. Despite the fact I’d probably have enough Sigils to get the branch I’m not interested.

Should have waited a week. But if you want to go for it, choose HP. Always HP for the base, as it could make a difference with one shot/supershot.


I have 4 fire flaks soooooo

Three slots for glyphs, two for runes… guess where the demand really is?


Ballista Glyphs?


I’ll get the cheap rune dust and embers. I wish this was for a storm or ice flak


One did, just no one noticed. I posted in the breeding thread early this morning when I noticed it.

:cry: I only got the orange stone discount but only have 3k sigils… well played PG.



Off topic…You only got to the orange stone on the discount? Like seriously?

On topic…A glyph would have been better and it would be nice if these were announced a bit ahead of time instead of the day before.


Hahahaha I have a collection of those

It makes a kind of unfortunate sense.

The discount pushes people to spend in the first two weeks.

After that, people would go for the egg token boost and the base boost, but this pushes them to spend to get those (and this) rather than see them devalued more.

After that, there’s the new timer boost, which encourages even more spending to get full use out of it, for people who also want the mythic.

On and on, power creep and…oh, what did PG call it in the response to the FIRST boycott? “Aggressive monetization.” They said they understood then it was a problem, but it seems that no one has learned the lesson.

Could they mitigate that by NOT constantly introducing new expensive tiers of things, or by making the boosts last from the date you purchase them rather than until the end of the season? Yes. Are they going to do that? It seems not.