Withermoon season lines spreadsheet

As usual, I’ve put the lines from the new season into a spreadsheet. Pretty much unchanged from last season except the 7 new prizes at the end of the dragon lines, and the (horrible) alternate options on gold chest prizes.


Good work M :+1::+1::+1::+1:

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Thanks for getting this done!

Now if only there was a way to spread the word to non Forum users to only pick gold chests…


Team chat. League chat. Just saying.

Been sharing that any chance I could. Just hoping people heed the advice… Even my team is sometimes stubbornly defensive: “Don’t tell me how to play!”

Sure… Just let some juicy lure items dictates how you play then… /s

Sorry! I actually came to say thank you very much for this, I was waiting for it very eagerly! :blush:


I can’t get on, what’s the other option? :eyes:

I don’t have my tablet so I’m not going to screen shot an example, but players should be picking gold chests, not specific reward items such as timers or embers when presented the option in prize lines.

What bothers some of us, is this was presented as greater and more flexible player choice, when we feel it punishes any player who is less informed.


Thank you

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Not sure what you mean here?

Doc did the maths and I trust him. Folks should be thanking him and the others who toil tirelessly without intimidation. @DocHoIIiday

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PG has not resolved JungleEm log in problem in almost a month now I think.

Shame. Shame I says. Shaaaaame.


Ahh ok, that sucks! I don’t read the off-topic section so didn’t know.

You sir are missing out on so much. I promise there is not a single cat post in umm, well just the direct linked post. Its quiet. Too quiet :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Sometimes we use Off Topic just to dodge the mods even though its game related.


I’m pretty sure it’s in multiple places but I haven’t been able to play for a month now… Moto G6 just got a new security update and it got to 99% got stuck and then started to crash at 50-59% again…

I’m really starting to loose hope on ever playing the game again. I’m going to wait for the next update and if it’s not fixed after that I might leave.

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Leaving some subsection of the players unable to even log in for a month? Shame.


Even mods try to avoid their duty in Off-topic, just for a short while :eyes:… But it’s true that we are a bit more lenient in Off-topic as long as it stays appropriate :wink:

I really hope your issue will be fixed @JungleEm. Leaving the game is one thing, being forced out of it for no reason is another :frowning:


It won’t let me open it :frowning: but quick ? Is sygil costs per line the same as last season ?

Nope, 31k this season, 30k last season. The diff is the new evo stone (Abyssal)

Added timer line. 136 days for 3k sigils, not bad.


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