Withermoon Wave 2 - Official Discussion Thread

Please ask questions and discuss the upcoming Wave 2 of the Withermoon Season:

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I don’t want Vivian but I want her portrait… Help!


Kullecid might be the catch of the season :wink:


Only if his line includes a cup of rendered butter…


Vivian looks about the same as Leilani and a tiny bit lower than Crom

Wrong. Vivian is way hotter than Leilani.


Says you. You just cant appreciate all that tribal kelp hotness. Vivian is too busy with her VR headset that she wont even remember to boost your base.


Purple Groot or Jumbo Shrimp, Purple Groot or Jumbo Shrimp? hhmmmmMMMM…

If I continue on Sho’s branch, I’ll be able to get pretty far. If I go for Mr. Shrimpy’s branch I probably won’t get him that far and I’ll have an unloved Sho soon. But the shrimp! And the portrait that I will never use but still looks cool. Aaaahh!


Stick with 1 line. Better to have 1 dragon to last you a long time than a couple that you bench quickly


Get Viv’s awesome portrait and have no use for her except that she’s 1k sigils cheaper.

Or get Kellecid who I also have no use for except for his mythic hunter rune for Narlyth.

Decisions, decisions.

Now that you say that I’m probably going to go for Kullecid because I’m just that way. I need to stop doing thing like that. :upside_down_face:

How much increased breath after coming out of clock & is it only when cloak ends or can you stop cloak and still have increased breath? I’m thinking probably not :thinking:

Nvm I see % now…Still curious if cloak has to expire?
It just says after uncloaking?

50%? :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:
And Im pretty sure all of these spells require the spell to end naturally

Yea it has to complete the full 2 seconds in order to get the damage boost.

If you leave cloak early, then you don’t get damage boost but the cloak can be cast again immediately (as there is no cooldown).


Any update on Syphon Strike’s projectile speed to match Hunter attack speed? :eyes:

Was a typo, thanks it’s fixed now :slight_smile:

Is it only me or does that Hunter read like a better Ronin?

They don’t have a single spell in common, what :joy:

It’s just you


Sylphon strike two rage vs way of the blade 2000% vs 1200% damage, how big is the damage area?

Saw it , its like death gaze.

he can cloak slightly less resist 70% vs 100% and is able to gain rage back.

I think he could be even better.

Edit: But you are right after looking the video it could be just me :slight_smile:

But in the end, he seems good balanced because he nearly dies several times in the pg video :slight_smile: