Wolvesofodin looking for members!

Platinum 4! NO ATLAS!


Language: English
Time Zone: World wide
Played time: 3 years
Age Range: GREATER THAN 18!
Elite Account?: Preferred
Dragon Roster Includes:
Highest Lineage Dragon: Minimum Garnet

About: The New Withermoon Season has started off with a bang and WolvesofOdin is on the Hunt for some serious players that would be interested in helping us grow and move up the ranks to Atlas! We are currently Plat 4! We have several positions available!

We have alts and deadweight to replace!!!

We would consider a small merger INTO our team!

We have a VERY strong core that is very helpful, knowledgeable, love to teach, extensive wiki and have flown together for years! Bring your best and let’s talk numbers!!

I am looking for higher lvl players, that can make their war runs and can participate in events and not just 500-1000 pts! I’m looking for teammates to help push the rest of our teammates! As well as willing to learn!

Time zones span across the world! Everyone that comes needs to be over 18 years old and speak English, can follow strategy and instructions when things need to change!

Bring in some knowledge, not just go off on a whim and talk to us! We do not bite! Well not hard anyway :joy::joy: :joy: We’re a laid back, innuendo luv’n, crude, rude, sassy pant bunch of misfits.

If you want to come hang for a while with a fcuken awesome bunch of loyal nutters then come APPLY.

Always looking for other quick witted like minded, edgy wordsmiths to slay our opponents both in chatrooms and the battlefront too!

So come out of the cold and crawl on in; sure is snuggly warm in here and always room for more :yum::wink:

If you think you will fit in or have questions please message me here, IGN: OdinDragonWolf, LINE ID: dragonwolf76 or APPLY even if FULL to WolvesofOdin :wolf::wolf::wolf:

DW :wolf:

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