🤔 wondering about some things

Hello All. So I’m pretty new to this game and even more so to this Form. I’ve been browsing & reading some post and/or topics and I gotta say…I’m lost to what Atlas & these castles are that many of you are talking about :grimacing::grimacing: Like I said, I am new to all this & I’m only on a level 19 (a baby to some of the levels I have seen) but I was wondering if someone can break it down to me & explain the castles & atlas for me and when they will come into play for me.

Thank you all in advance

I believe you need to be level 25 to get Atlas if you are on a team that has access to it. There are several threads that @TheRedDelilah has created that tell a lot about the basics of Atlas.

Links to the other Atlas guides that TheRedDelilah has created can be be found in the thread below.

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Thank you!! I’m gonna read it.

This video really helped me: https://youtu.be/zw7ILdUGz1Y

Also watch part 2.

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