Wonky chat on inactive account

Sooo made some little alt accounts to fill up a team and brought back an old inactive account to help them lvl wellll. My chat was showing the TC of the team I was on before it went inactive in real time. I would assume in real time because it was changing and the people talking were online on the team.


What’s up HB! :wave:

I’ve heard leaving your current team and rejoining fixes it, but I dunno for sure if it works. Even with all the team hopping I’ve done in the past few weeks, I haven’t had that issue.

:joy::joy: hey man! it fixed itself after a bit when I loaded something in game up but it was just weird, never seen that before. Wonder if it’ll do it again when I get back onto the account

Who knows, good luck with it though. That’s a pretty funny bug to have :joy:

Just gonna start sending them mails and answering their questions when they ask them see what they do

Now THAT would be hysterical

I see nothing :see_no_evil:

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