Wont send war reminders and @group


all i keep getting on my mini account its sitting gold 2 and will not allow to be sent

Chat mentions not working

We have the same problem in Platinum 3 :woman_shrugging:t2:. Please fix soon :pray:t3:

Edit: @ group doesn’t work either.

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send a ticket if you haven’t. They like to receive more tickets when it comes to new bugs.

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I did they giving stupid things


Support is no help it so stupid! They dont get multiple people on team cant send war reminders if notices are on we can if they are off we can send event reminders just not war reminders if they have notices on @Arelyna

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I sent a help ticket first. Knowing that the more tickets they get they will realize it’s an issue. Got the same canned response: log out, restart etc. Which I did just so I could tell them “did that, still doesn’t work” :smile:


Make sure device updated 2.5 gigs close apps n safari are u on Wi-Fi turn off all graphics shut ipad off turn on yea its a issue


@group is broke to


Same problem for us. I don’t know who to @ @Arelyna @Crisis



Hadn’t thought to try event notifications. Just tried now and they worked immediately. Tried war notification again still “failed”.
@ group appears to work but no one gets notifications or indicator beside chat.
This is a problem for everyone on our team who has tried so far. Different devices, different countries all current game update. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Edit: event notifications only sent in game mails

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@PGJared pls fix this


It dont work in alliance chat try it there i got a ticket in we need more tho so they quit with there try this n thats

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Very frustrating to not be able to send a war notification “smack” to our members :smile:.


We are having same issue


Cant even tag a player


I can tag android player and he gets but apple to Apple or and android to apple is a no. Im on apple


Our team is having the same issues…


Pg is quiet on this :rage: matter one of them is usually on here on weekends to :laughing:


Could be that more teams have the
problem but aren’t currently at war. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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