Wood Barricades

Can we do something about the wood barricades? I understand the point of them is to better defend an island your team has conquered, but there is virtually no benefit to them. Its frustrating when you open 10 gold chests and get 90k barricades but NO energy packs. So two options here. 1. Get rid of them all together and free up the gold chests for useful rewards, or 2. Make them worth points. I brought this up at the meeting before the atlas party and you guys kinda laughed it off like i was joking. Nope, i was serious…


I don’t think they should be worth points… maybe double the amount they are worth? 1 barricade equals 2 wall points? Or just double the amount dropped.

You mean you do think they should be worth points - given what comes after in your post.

I also agree with Rogue - barricades should be worth points. Sloth’s suggestion of a 1:2 conversion is probably a bit high. Legendary barricades are ~40k - that would make them worth 80k points! I think it should be probably a 10:1 conversion. 10 barricades = one point - kind of like the fort and breed events.


Yeh agree. They effectively give enemy teams points ironically, as the base lasts longer and the hp per hit increases.

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No… OP wants them to be worth Progression points… the points I’m talking about are points towards the defense of a fort.

I still don’t think i clarified that…

Not personal points… just defense points for the forts

Still doesnt change the fact that they dont help the player. It really doesnt help the team either. The longer you hold a fort, the more points the players on your team becomes. So no real benefit unless you are holding the top fort. You should get some kind of personal points for as many as they are giving out. Maybe a point for every 100 used? Or 1 for every thousand? Something…

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The various forts do pay out a certain amount of VP per hour. So while you do give the attacking players more personal points, the shield does mean you get to hold onto that fort for a while longer.

Ashengard for instance gives 30.0k VP/hr, so you get at least that much during the hour when it’s invincible. Though I wonder if you only get those full amount of VP at the end of the hour, or if you get 15k if Ashengard fell after half an hour.

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Ok but how does that help the person spending money to get energy packs but get wood barricades instead? Thats the point im trying to make. Players should get rewarded for using them. Putting them on a fort only delays the inevitable of your fort getting taken. Unless you hold one of the top 3 forts, your team isnt really gaining very much vp. Even with a ton of barricades up, teams just gang up on you trying to be in the top 4 teams for a chance to take the fort. Anyway, the whole point of this thread is that if something comes in a gold chest, you should be able to use it for personal gain.

Fair enough. Yeah, it’d be nice if they provided some personal benifit instead of just a benifit to the team.

Ah ok gotcha you mean fort hp? That’s what they do currently? :confused:

Yeah I was bummed that this event is KOTH (though given the alternatives i’m not complaining per say) because I knew it’s not a good time to open gold chests since wood barricades are literally worthless. I usuaally open during combat events since I’d much rather get inner fire and energy than food wood or xp potions but the barricades makes opening gold chests a big NO for me.

I want what I’m told I’ll get for a legendary barricade drop to be what I actually get! Anyone else notice the amounts vary? Of the ones I got, only one was close to the amount shown. The rest averaged 20k LESS. NOT COOL! Still waiting for a response from support.

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