Wood Booster Glitch last event, did it fixed allready?


i hope you guys allready fix it, cause i didnt see any anouncement of it,

ouch, for real?

wasn’t even aware of this.

Yes anything on this? You closed my ticket without any conclusion?!?!?

i know right, they usually work great but now they had many thing to handle i guess

Unfortunately, this is a long-standing issue that has been complained about time and time again. PG devs are aware of it, problem is they can’t seem to figure out what to do to fix it.

For your convenience, this answer can be applied to just about every glitch you’ll come across. You should still open a ticket, just be sure to re-read this answer and refrain from holding your breath.

“on and off issue”…


Wood in the mills hasn’t been protected for years… I dont think they have any intention on changing this. If you don’t claim it, it is not protected.

Or is there a second issue with it?

Some claim even after harvesting their storage doesn’t protect it. I have never had that issue. Though I do agree that some of the research intimates that the mill / farm does have protection since said research purports to increase it.

They closed my ticket with no resolution. They just said they are aware of it and don’t know what do do in terms of compensation

That sounds about right.

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this i reallize, and its fine. but the glitch is when you use wood booster. even at the lumber storage it didnt protect as it count… its allways drained when raided. 0 wood

Ah sorry I didn’t know of this glitch. Must not be affecting everyone as I haven’t seen that…

would you mind buying wood booster and test it for me :grin:
last time im getting trouble when starting fortification event without wood production because of this eror,

I use one all the time but I have been told it doesn’t always work. I haven’t experienced it so all I can do is take them at their word. Maybe it’s O/S specific? I am on Android. If so, it’s one of the only advantages I have ever had for being on Android.

I do know if I fail to harvest my mills regularly (I lurk all day at work and harvest often) I will lose everything they produce. Overnight, I lose everything since I’m not there to harvest and it doesn’t auto-harvest unfortunately.

I agree that based on research descriptions it seems that mills / farms should have some protection since one or more of the research items purports to boost mill / farm protection. This has never worked for me though.

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